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JBA-EX01 (Japanese: JBA-EX01, JBA-EX01) is a B-Daman that uses the PI-EX System. It was released in August 1999 in Japan and sold for 680円.

EX Frame[]

JBA-EX01 uses a gray EX Frame.

EX Head[]

JBA-EX01 has a light gray EX Head with the PI-EX System logo on the forehead, along with a green visor complimented by a blue line visor in front of it.

EX Arms[]

The EX Arms has a pair of hexagonal shoulders. On the front of each shoulder is a sticker; On the right shoulder is the J.B.A.'s initials, and on the left is "EX01", forming parts of the B-Daman's name. On the forearms are Variable Pads for pushing in the EX Core's Hold Parts for increased power.

EX Core: Type 01 []

The Type 01 EX Core is relatively basic, with two Hold Parts. Each Hold Part has a groove cut into it to reduce friction when a B-Dama is fired from the B-Daman.

EX Trigger[]

JBA-EX01 has a standard EX Trigger, attaching to the rear of the EX Frame, forming part of the firing mechanism.

EX Foot[]

The B-Daman has two blue, three-toed EX Foot pieces, attaching to the front of the EX Frame's bottom area. 

Other Versions[]

  • JBA-EX02 - Limited edition re-color
  • JBA-EX01 Green-Plated Ver. - Tournament prize

Super B-Daman (manga)[]





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