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JBA Original (Japanese: JBAオリジナル, JBA Orijinaru) is a Control-Type B-Daman using the Over Shell System. It was released on January 1999 in Japan for 500円.

Created by the JBA's very own Dr. Tamano in the anime and manga series, Super B-Daman, as the basis for all Over Shell System B-Daman. Putin had used one of these B-Daman at one point in the anime.


JBA Original has a blue, rounded head with a green visor, and the J.B.A. logo on top. On the side of the Head is a sticker with a red triangle-arrow pointing left, and Putin's name.

Side Arms[]

Basic yellow Side Arms.

Feet Part[]

Basic yellow Feet Part.

System Core[]

As basic as the rest of the B-Daman. It has yellow-colored Hold Parts and a trigger.

Long Barrel[]

JBA Original comes with an LBR-45 Long Barrel, which was first released during the Bomber System in the early days of Super B-Daman. It has two pegs, to which one can attach the feet of a Bomber System or another Over Shell System B-Daman for better Control. The Long Barrel can also be positioned so that the pegs face upwards.

Other Versions[]

Super B-Daman (anime)[]





  • This is the progenitor of all generic, motif-less B-Daman developed by the sanctioning body in any iteration of the B-Daman anime and manga.

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