Joshua is a recurring character in Battle B-Daman. His B-Daman is Dragogale.

Basic Information
Hair Green
Eyes Green
Age 16
Occupation *Five Field Guardian
  • Guardian of the Dragon Stage
  • B-Da Player
B-Daman Dragogale
Japanese Voice Actor {{{JapVoice}}}
English Voice Actor Brian Beacock

Appearance and Personality

As a butler Joshua is always dressed in a suit and tie. He has green hair and green eyes and is a very laid back individual. Joshua is genius B-Da Player able to adapt in the heat of battle and defeat his opponents with his superior strategies.


  • Joshua is 178cm tall and weighs 64kg.[1]
  • His blood type is A.
  • His birthday is on 1st December.
  • Eiji Inuki claims him to be the nicest character in the series - a model-student type.

Battle B-Daman

Joshua first appears by telling someone on the phone that his battle with Bull will go as planned. He makes his first appearance to the group as the Guardian of the Dragon Stage. Joshua and Bull begin their fight on equal terms until Joshua gains the advantage by studying Bulls every move and adjusting his strategy accordingly. This also becomes Joshua's downfall as he cannot properly analyze Bull in his calm form and becomes nervous. Joshua loses to Bull by only two B-Da balls. Joshua leaves the stage complaining to himself that he must now explain this defeat. He is next scene with the rest of the other field guardians at Miss Karat's dinner. After the party Joshua isn't seen until he is revealed to be the butler of Cain when he serves food to everyone at Cain's celebration for Yamato. Joshua is a large part of Cain's betrayal pretending to be a kidnapper and acting out his following battles with Cain and Yamato. Joshua returns with the other Guardians to stop the creation of Cobalt Saber. He begins a battle with Grey but halts it when he fires at giant boulder and tipping it as a distraction to get to Yamato faster. He confronts Yamato and nearly defeats him until he unlocks the power of Cobalt Saber and defeats Joshua. Joshua returns as a member of the Neo Shadow Alliance along side Cain McDonnell. Once Marda B's plan goes into action, Joshua goes to Yamato's gang asks for help to free Cain of his darkness, betraying the Neo Shadow Alliance. When Cain arrives he is quickly attacked by Terry and Wen who are defeated quickly, Grey than battles Cain who is also defeated after Cain reveals Lord Cavalry. During Cain's battle with Grey he destroys Joshua's B-Da ball that he gave to Cain as a child. Cain orders Joshua to finish Grey off but instead challenges Cain. After he is defeated he rejoins Cain to help him.

Dragon Stage

The Dragon Stage is a Z like shaped stage with a centered spinning rail. The objective of the challenge is to fire the most B-Da Balls into their opponents zone.


Battle B-Daman
Opponent Result Battle Type
Bull Borgnine Lose Dragon Stage Challenge
Cain McDonnell Win Direct Hit Battle
Yamato Delgado Lose Direct Hit Battle
Grey Michael Vincent No Result Direct Hit Battle
Yamato Delgado Lose Direct Hit Battle
Neo Shadow Alliance Soldiers Win Direct Hit Battle
Cain McDonnell (Flashback) Draw Direct Hit Battle
Cain McDonnell Lose (On Purpose) Direct Hit Battle
Opponent/Challenge Result Battle Type
Yamato Delgado Lose (On Purpose) Dragon Stage Challenge
Yamato Delgado and Enjyu (Tag team with Cain) Lose 2v2 DHB


Battle B-Daman



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