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Jube Sanada (真田 銃兵衛 Sanada Jubee) is a main character in Crash B-Daman.


Jube Sanada is a tall 13 year old boy with black hair and black eyes. He has very large eyebrows and wears a red head band made of the same material has is wrist cloths. He wears a green tank top with a no sleeve light green and yellow vest. He also wears a large cloth around his waist like a belt along with green cargo pants and brown boots.


  • "When mind is calm, even glaciers will combust and embers will freeze!" (Meditation, Episode 3)
  • "If it's God's way for them to be swept by the current then there's nothing we can do." (to Kazuma, Episode 10)
  • "I got it! I just need to calm my mind and the mud will be still. I'm counting on you, Bal Tauros! Triple Launcher!"(Episode 11)


  • His birthday is on May 9
  • His name is from two Japanese samurai namely Yagyu Juubei and Sanada Yukimura.
  • Jubee mainly uses Dark Green-colored Marbles for both his B-Daman and his Triple Launcher Crash Weapon and later, for his Synchro Server. However, he has also been seen using some Green-tint "B-Chimu" during the Miners' Town Arc.
  • In the independently-produced English dub for Cartoon Network Philippines, he was voiced by Paul Pistore.