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Junker Unicorn (Japanese: ユンカーユニコーン, Yankaa Yunikoon) is a Over Shell System B-Daman. It was released in November 1997 in Japan for 580円. It is owned by Hōjō Akira in the Super B-Daman anime and manga.

Head Gear[]

The head has a green visor with a pair of yellow anime eyes, along with a knight-like design, with red strip stickers. On top of the head is a Far Sight Horn, which can be used for aiming.

Side Arms[]

The arms of this B-Daman are blue, with a blue/yellow sticker on each forearm, and a red/yellow sticker on each shoulder. Extending from each shoulder is a small protrusion.

System Core[]

The core has a pair of blue, claw-like Hold Stoppers acting as the Hold Parts, along with a blue Trigger in the back.

Feet Part[]

The feet are blue and white, with each foot having a yellow, jewel-like design.

Stroke Shot System[]

Junker Unicorn's gimmick. It features a Snap Trigger that can be pulled back on a spring to build up tension for shooting B-Dama, along with a Tail Holder that can adjust to the position of the user's finger. When the tension of the Snap Trigger is released, it pushes the Trigger forward, firing the B-Dama. For a faster shot, the Snap Trigger can be pulled back and released quickly.

Other Versions[]

  • Junker Unicorn Clear Black Ver. - Limited edition

Super B-Daman (anime)[]





  • Junker Unicorn may have inspired the appearance of Battle B-Daman's "Cobalt" series of B-Daman.

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