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Kaito Murakami (Japanese: 村上海人 (むらかみ かいと), Murakami Kaito) is a character who appears in the manga series, Super B-Daman. He is the leader of Setouchi Viking, also consisting of Marin, Taiyō, Akaki and Aoki. His B-Daman is Nautilus Poseidon.


Kaito has a light skin tone with spiky black hair secured by a purple headband with a skull design on it. He has bushy black eyebrows with brown eyes and large ears. For clothing, he dons a yellow vest with red striped highlights and what seems to be a green undershirt. He additionally wears a purple bracelet and black pants.


Kaito's dialect and affiliation with water wars suggest he hails from China.

His B-Der skills include good Power and Rapid-Fire but poor defense.


Super B-Daman (manga)[]

An habitual offender, one day, Kaito Murakami escaped from a training camp on a ship at sea. He was able to swim away for two days and washed ashore at a beach near Cerer's house but consequently suffered memory loss and could only remember his name. Cerer helped him and as a result, he trained with Gunma Nishibe to regain his memory and retrain himself.

Sometime later, he formed a team, Setouchi Viking, with Marin, Taiyō, Akaki and Aoki. They entered the All-Japan TOP B-Ders Championships and faced various teams in the first round, one of which was Team Guts.