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Kaito Namihira 波平 海人(ナミヒラ カイト)is a character appearing in the anime series, Crash B-Daman. His B-Daman is a green and light blue Evil Levioth B-Daman equipped with a Trick Cannon.


Kaito is a boy of short stature with shoulder length dark tan hair tied to a ponytail. He wears a straw hat over his head, a white short-sleeved shirt with a pink sleeveless overshirt, brown fingerless gloves, blue pants and white shoes.  


Kaito is very laidback and easygoing. He is also very friendly and has a good sense of sportsmanship. He never hesitates to help out Hitto and friends; and he even saved their lives when he returned to their side.



Known as the Son of the Sea, Kaito is the master of the waves.

Crash B-Daman[]

Kaito made his debut during the B1 Crash Cup beginning in the tenth episode. He faces against Hitto in the Ice Field in Episode 12 and was defeated. Despite that, Kaito is very happy to have found new friends.

Kaito returns to Hitto's side in Episode 41 when his father's boat fished the protagonists, that were thrown by the devastating attack of Kyousuke's Ultimate Bahamut, out of the sea.

Kaito accompanies the protagonists in the final battle against the Saionji Konzern. Kaito fought bravely at the cost of his life and died along with Jubee and Jou during the war weapon's attack on the Saionji Building.

Kaito was eventually reborn in the final episode and together with his fellow Legendary B-Ders, they all ended Kyousuke's evil once and for all.



  • His family name "Namihira" means Peaceful Waves while his given name "Kaito" means Fisherman.
  • He shares the same Given name, in terms of Romaji, with the character Kaito Samejima from Cross Fight B-Daman. However, their names meant differently in Japanese.
    • He also shares the same name along with the same Kanji writing as Kaito Murakami from Super B-Daman.
    • The three also own B-Daman possessing an affinity for water.
  • Kaito mainly uses blue green-colored marbles both for his Evil Levioth B-Daman and Trick Cannon Crash Weapon.