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This article is for the manga version of Kakeru Ryugasaki. For the anime counterpart, see Riki Ryugasaki".

Kakeru Ryugasaki (Japanese: 龍々崎カケル, Ryugasaki Kakeru) is the main protagonist of the first half of the manga series, Cross Fight B-Daman by Makoto Mizobuchi. His B-Daman is Thunder Dracyan which was then upgraded to Rising Dracyan during the second half of the manga.


—Kakeru's catchphrase


Kakeru has blue hair and red eyes. He wears a large red and white sweater over a white shirt. This sweater is worn short sleeved it includes a hoodie and pockets. He also chooses to wear blue elbow pads and a white wristband on his left wrist. He additionally sports orange sweatpants with blue designs that are rolled up to just below his knee. He wears white and red shoes with a blue lace cover on his feet.


Kakeru is an adventurous boy whose also very optimistic even in the face of an otherwise irreversible situation. He is very kind-hearted and humble that despite being a champion, he never hesitates to help out B-Ders that are just starting out with the hobby.



Cross Fight B-Daman (Manga)[]




- Kakeru Ryugasaki's name means "I bet my life on this Dragon."