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Kamon Day
Basic Information
Hair Crimson
Eyes Red
Age 12-13
Occupation B-Der
Southern B-Master
Grand B-Master (as of ES052)
Delivery boy and waiter for AONA
B-Daman Drive Garuburn
Spike Phoenix (Rightful owner as of ES052, sealed away)
Japanese Voice Actor Yasuaki Takumi
English Voice Actor Johnny Yong Bosch (CFE26)
Reece Thompson (Fireblast)

Kamon Day (Japanese: Kamon Godai 御代 カモン Godai Kamon) is the main character of B-Daman Fireblast and the Southern B-Master of Crestland. His B-Daman is Drive Garuburn. He is the younger brother of Aona and Roma Day, as well as Greg and Himiko Day's youngest son. He also works at his older sister's restaurant as a delivery boy and waiter.

I'm all fired up!

—Kamon Day


The eleven year old Kamon has red hair and orange-red eyes. He wears a white scarf over his dark gray shirt that has rolled up sleeves which has another blue shirt under that is partially shown in a triangle-shaped fashion. He has red pants which appear to be skinny and wears gray boots. It was revealed that Kamon inherited the scarf from his older brother.



Kamon is hot-blooded, impatient, outgoing, and eager to play B-Daman, and somewhat scatterbrained. He is also fiercely competitive, with a never-give-up attitude, and a good heart. When he was the B-Master of Southern Crestland, he treated every B-Shot in his area with respect and kindness.

Dark Kamon

When backed into a corner during a challenge, and the odds are heavily against him to a drastic extreme, Kamon goes into a terrifying berserker-like state, in which his inner darkness is brought out, manifesting as an aura of black fire, along with the sclerae of his eyes turning black. In this state, his personality becomes filled with darkness, and negative emotions, such as anger, strife, frustration, arrogance, etc. For reasons unknown, his older brother, Roma, seems to be the driving force behind this state. It is brought to its peak in The Blue Showdown! Garuburn VS Dracyan, where the Grand B-Master himself restores his memories and forces him and Garuburn to unleash their inner darkness against their will, as a means to corrupt them. In this state, Roma manipulated him like a puppeteer to his marionette. It was later revealed that this state is a result of the Kirin B-Daman, Triple Gillusion, using his negative emotions to control him.



It was revealed by Greg Day in episode 06, To Be The Best! Cross Fight! that he was once the Southern B-Master of Crestland. When his older brother, Roma Day, the Grand B-Master of Crestland, established the Road Fight, Kamon witnessed the unrest among losing B-Shots, due to the "Bad Law", as it is called, that B-Shots that lose in the challenges must do what their opponents say, and those who ignore it are punished. He challenged his brother over it, wanting to change the law of the Road Fight for the better, but was defeated. He lost his Drive Garuburn's B-Animal and the memories of his days as a B-Shot and his family, except for those of his older sister, Aona Day.

B-Daman Crossfire

Kamon appeared briefly during the finale of B-Daman Crossfire, as the B-Animals were being restored to the world's B-Daman. He appeared in Crestland and held a smirk before exclaiming "Time to heat things up!" for the few seconds he appeared in.

B-Daman Fireblast

In I'm Getting Fired Up! Drive=Garuburn!, Kamon was shown to have "dreams" of using Garuburn to fight against an unknown darkness. He later fell out of his bed and awoke to find his sister, Aona, standing at the door reminding him that they were going to the market that day.

Later on at the market, Kamon showed an interest in B-Daman. Aona picked up on this, but disregarded it. However, later on, Kamon delivered an order to B-Junk, a newly-established local B-Daman Club. The owner, Greg, was pleased with this and let Kamon construct his own B-Daman to keep. A mysterious feeling overcame Kamon and he unknowingly re-created Drive Garuburn. Garuburn's B-Animal entered the B-Daman and the two conversed about the "dream"; both had shared the same one, and felt like they were destined partners. Kamon mastered Garuburn's Emblem Charge Shot, Burning Overdrive, and quickly had to leave to go home. Greg mentioned how much his son had developed, despite his loss of memory.

In Vroom Vroom, I'll Sting You! Slot=Beedle!, Kamon learned about Crestland's signature sport; Road Fight. He set a goal with Garuburn to become the #1 B-Shot, and quickly left B-Junk before Greg could explain the consequences of losing. Kamon then participated in a Road Fight with Misuru Hachisuka, the game being a Honeycomb Net Battle. After suffering for most of the battle due to Garuburn's lack of precise shooting, Kamon unleashed Garuburn's Emblem Charge and won the match. Misuru explained to Kamon about the "Law of Road Fight", in which the loser must do one thing that the victor says. Kamon ignores this and tells Misuru to "do as he likes", then walks off.

In I Came Here to Relax! Sonic=Dravise!, Kamon was late returning home to Aona. When Aona learned that Kamon had obtained the Garuburn B-Daman, she confiscated it and hid it in a pot. He soon found it however, and then headed to B-Junk to deliver a new order. Upon reaching there, he found Misuru, who instructed him to have a Road Fight battle with Samuru. He declined the challenge, but as he does so, the cover blows off the nearby table and reveals a DX Break Bomber 7 table, much to everyone's surprise.

In I'm Having Fun! DX Break Bomber 7, Kamon was taught about the sport of Crossfire and the rules of DX Break Bomber 7, alongside Samuru and Misuru. After learning that Samuru is a champion of Crossfire, he decides to challenge him but ultimately loses 7-0. However, he vows to become stronger together with his friends and become a Crossfire champion.


B-Daman Fireblast
Opponent Battle Type Episode Result
Roma Day Unknown Prior to ES001 Lose
Misuru Hachuka Honeycomb Net Battle ES002 Win
Misuru Hachuka DX Break Bomber 7 ES004 Lose
Samuru Shigami DX Break Bomber 7 ES004 Lose
Generic B-Shot DX Break Bomber 7 ES005 Win
Misuru Hachuka DX Break Bomber 7 ES006 Win
Ken Ogami Dragon Slider ES007 No Result
Yuki Washimura DX Break Bomber 7 ES008 Draw
Generic B-Shot DX Break Bomber 7 ES009 Win
Ken Ogami DX Break Bomber 7 ES010 Win
Ken Ogami DX Break Bomber 7 ES011 Not Shown
3 Generic B-Shots DX Break Bomber 7 ES012 Win (x3)
Bakuga Shira DX Break Bomber 7 ES014 Lose
Riki Ryugasaki Vertigo Spin ES015 Draw
Riki Ryugasaki & Ken Ogami Vertigo Spin ES016 Draw
2 Generic B-Shots Vertigo Spin ES017 Win
Generic B-Shot Vertigo Spin ES018 Win
Bakuga Shira Vertigo Spin ES018 Win
Basara Kurochi Metao Bomber ES019 Win
Simon Sumiya Metao Bomber ES020 Win
Samuru Shigami & Simon Sumiya Vertigo Spin ES022 Win
Riki Ryugasaki Metao Bomber ES023/24 Win
Bakuga Shira DX Break Bomber 7 ES025 Win
Riki Ryugasaki Metao Bomber ES025/26 Lose
Ken Ogami DX Break Bomber 7 ES027 Win
Riki Ryugasaki Metao Bomber ES027 Win
Ken Ogami DX Break Bomber 7 ES028 No Result
Bakuga Shira Surge Strike ES030 No Result
Basara Kurochi & Hugo Raidoh DX Break Bomber 7 ES032 Lose (Tag w/Riki)
Misuru Hachuka DX Break Bomber 7 ES033 No Result
Bakuga Shira DX Break Bomber 7 ES033 No Result
Jenta Kokuji Metao Bomber ES034 Draw
Samuru Shigami Metao Bomber ES035 Win
Jenta Kokuji Metao Bomber ES036 Win
Ryudo Tsunotsuki Surge Strike ES037 Lose
Roma Day Metao Bomber ES038 Lose
Roma Day Metao Bomber ES040/41 Draw
Bakuga Shira Vertigo Spin ES046 No Result
Samuru Shigami DX Break Bomber 7 ES048 Win
Roma Day DX Break Bomber 7 ES050 Win
Riki Ryugasaki Metao Bomber Infinity ES051/52 Win


  • Kamon is the first protagonist to appear in a season outside of the one he leads, appearing in CF052 in the B-Daman Crossfire season.
  • The "Ka" prefix in his name means "fire" in Japanese, and in the Godai (from which he, Roma, Aona, Himiko, and Greg get their surname from in the Japanese version), a five elements philosophy, fire represents the energetic, forceful, moving things in our world. Ka also represents body heat, metabolism, and in the mental and emotional realms, drive and passion. Ka is also associated with security, motivation, desire, intention, and an outgoing spirit. These traits are what lead to Kamon's personality.
  • He can be considered to be the B-Daman counterpart of Kai Hiwatari from the Beyblade Original series.
    • The same can be said with him being the B-Daman-counterpart to Zyro Kurogane from Shogun Steel and Aiger Akabane from Burst Turbo. All three having fire being their main element.
    • Kamon and Aiger both being the second main characters representing the third generation of their respective franchise. (The same can be said with Zyro, but he's Generation 2 of Beyblade) Additionally, both boys and their partners ended up corrupted at some point in their respective series'.
  • Kamon and Riki have some similarities:
    • They both are the strongest B-Shots in their roles in the different series; Kamon is the Grand B-Master (as of ES052) and Riki is the Crossfire Champion.
    • They both possesses powerful B-Daman, Garuburn and Dracyan respectively.
    • They are both friends and rivals of Samuru Shigami.
    • They both defeated each other.
    • And last of all, they have a passion for B-Daman.
  • Kamon and Kelsey from Glitter Force also have similarities:
    • They both have red hair and tan skin.
    • They both have a good heart and gets embarrassed.