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Kazuma Miyoshi (美吉 数馬(ミヨシ カズマ) Miyoshi Kazuma) is a minor character appearing in the anime series, Crash B-Daman.


Kazuma is a tall young man with a light purple hair and orange eyes. He wears the same style of clothes as his friend, Jubee Sanada, except that his outfit is predominantly white.


Kazuma is a friendly and determined fighter who puts honor above all else. He believes his victory will bring great honor to the Miyoshi family and their Dojo.



Kazuma is a childhood friend and rival of Jubee Sanada. They are from the same Dojo.

Crash B-Daman[]

Kazuma makes his debut in Episode 9 during the B1 crash cup. He is seen with Mitaka Kandori and are looking for teammates. Kodoh Kuraki volunteered to be their teammate.

In Episode 10, Kazuma found it difficult at first to complete the challenge. He sees Mitaka eliminated but he insisted on fighting on for her. Eventually after many tries, Kazuma was able to shoot the wine barrel using a series of ricocheting shots.

In Episode 11, Kazuma shot more clay targets than his opponent and former teammate, Kodoh Kuraki, but the former lost the battle because the latter used mean tricks to sever the ropes in Kazuma's boat. Despite that, Kazuma fought hard until the end.