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King Bakurekuso (Japanese: 超龍王, Chouryuoh) is the combined form of King Bakuso and King Rekuso. It is also the successor to Bakurekuso in the Blaster Core System.

Skeleton and Armor

This configuration uses King Bakuso's skeleton, Arm Claws, Sight Arm Barrel, and Souryuoh Visor, along with King Rekuso's Dragon Stand, Kouryuoh Shoulder, Kouryuoh Foot, Roller Hold Parts, and Sight Arm Magazine, although in some instances of the anime, it has the Souryuoh Visor and Souryuoh Shoulder.

Long Roller Core

The Long Roller Core combines the body shell of the Long Core with the Roller Core's Hold Parts into a unique hybrid combining accuracy and rapid-fire.

Other Versions

  • Shinryuoh - Fire Spirits! GBA game only. Not a real B-Daman toy.
  • Black Dragon King Ver. - King Bakurekuso recolored in black with a red Long Core. Comes as parts in the Sono-Kong Chrome Raven Customize Set.
  • Choukouryuoh Clear Ver. - Semi-clear ruby recolor of King Bakurekuso, from the Limited Fire Spirits Collection 2.


  • The Japanese name, "Chouryuoh" translates to "Super Dragon King".

Battle B-Daman

When Wen and Li go to Wygene, the former challenges a Neo Shadow Alliance member named Shegen. During their battle, Wen has trouble with the obstacles in his path, Li then throws him King Rekuso to combine the two, forming King Bakurekuso. With King Bakurekuso's perfect Rapid Fire capabilities and Accuracy, Wen easily aimed and fired at targets that only appeared every two seconds, dominating the match.