King Bakuso
King Bakuso
Product Code 75
Type Accuracy
Price 780円
System Blaster Core System
Series Battle B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan September 2004
English 2006
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Owner Wen
First Appearance Food Fight
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King Bakuso (Japanese: 蒼龍王, Souryuoh, Blue Dragon King) is an Accuracy-Type Blaster Core System B-Daman. It is the second B-Daman that belongs to Wen Yong Fa. It was released in Japan in September 2004, and sold for 780円.

Skeleton and Armor

King Bakuso features a dark blue skeleton.

Head Armor: Souryuoh Visor

A re-design of the original Bakuso's Helmet, featuring a singular black rubber fin, along with yellow eye designs, a yellow visor, and the B-Daman's Japanese name on the sides. 

Shoulder Armor: Souryuoh Shoulder

In contrast to the previous Dragon Shoulders, the Souryuoh Shoulder pieces are both identical to the other, each featuring red, blue, and white designs.

Wrist Armor: Arm Claw

A black-colored upgraded rendition of the Assault Claws in a design like open claws.

Barrel: Sight Arm Barrel

A re-imagining of the older Focus Barrel, the new Sight Arm Barrel features a targeting sight attached to a hinged arm, and can be used in conjunction with the fin on the Souryuoh Visor for accurate, spot-on shots. It is a two-piece component, with the bottom half attaching from the bottom on the lower pegs of the Core where the feet are attached, and the upper half is attached on the front end.

Foot Armor: Souryuoh Foot

A re-design of the Dragon Foot with longer claws. Essentially a palette-swap of the Kouryuoh Foot.

Long Core

King Bakuso features a dark blue Long Core with light gray Hold Parts. It is essentially a longer Balance Core that allows for better accuracy. When one swaps out its regular Hold Parts for the ones from the Roller Core, it becomes a Long Roller Core.

Other Versions

Battle B-Daman

When Yamato's Gang and the Yong Fa brothers went to Lycan in search of the B-DaSage Pandoro, Bull decided to upgrade Bakuso and Rekuso along with the help of Mr. Rowbee. With King Bakuso, Wen's shots were spot on and powerful.


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