King Rekuso
King Rekuso1
Product Code 76
Type Rapid Fire
Price 780円
System Blaster Core System
Series Battle B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan September 2004
English N/A
Armor King Rekuso
Skeleton Zero 2
Power 31
Rapid-Fire 65
Control 65
Owner Li
First Appearance Food Fight
Special Move(s) Dragonic Buster (Game)

Dragon Split (Game)

King Rekuso (Japanese: 紅龍王, Kouryuou, Red Dragon King) is a hybrid Rapid Fire/Accuracy-Type Blaster Core System B-Daman and the second belonging to Li Yong Fa. It was released in Japan in September 2004, and sold for 780円.


King Rekuso is the successor to Rekuso, in the Blaster Core System, featuring a Roller Core. Its Rapid Fire capabilities and Accuracy have increased dramatically, along with several appearance changes. King Rekuso's basic paint color has been changed, since being upgraded from Rekuso; the colour scheme has been changed from light red to a more maroon/burgundy color. The holding pads on the foot armor had been expanded, along with its shoulder units. King Rekuso's visor color is also different, along with the design colors; they are black, white, and yellow, instead of blue, white, and yellow, and the visor has been changed from yellow to blue. The most important change has to King Rekuso from Rekuso is the new Rapid Fire sight magazine allowing more Accuracy and a faster launch out of the barrel.

Other Versions

  • Ouryuoh - Fire Spirits GBA game only

Battle B-Daman

When Yamato's group and the Yong Fa brothers weant to Lycan in search of the B-Da Sage Pandoro, Bull decided to upgrade Bakuso and Rekuso along with the help of Mr. Rowbee. With King Rekuso, even Li's shots were spot on and fired off with amazing speed.


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