Kinzou Ooguro [大黒 金蔵(オオグロ キンゾウ) Ooguro Kinzou] is a recurring character in Crash B-Daman and is the older brother of Ginzou. Kinzou is also a member of Team Black Horse.

Kinzou Ooguro
Basic Information
Hair Blonde
Eyes Black
Age 13
Occupation B-Da Player

Member of Team Black Horse

B-Daman Generic Gold
Japanese Voice Actor Kenji Nojima
English Voice Actor N/A

Appearance and Personality

Kinzou is a 13 year old boy with blonde hair and black eyes. Like his brother he has a mole on his cheek, his hair goes up to a point and has a large widows peak. He wears a traditional japaneese vest with a turtle neck and short sleaves colored black and bronze.


Much like his younger brother, Kinzou is very cocky, rude and self confident. He still has a respect and fear of their team leader Kurokoma.

Crash B-Daman

Kinzou debuts at the end of the first episode. He slaps his younger brother, Ginzou, for losing against Hitto.

Kinzou is also the one who holds the Black Horse rally to gather a fan base. During the rally Hitto comes and challenges them due to Kinzou and Kurogoma has Kinzou take Ginzou's place in the Tag battle. Kinzou then defeats Konta will the help of Kurogoma but is eliminated by an interfering Kodoh. After they lose the battle the rally goes hectic and their fan base is torn apart.


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