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Knight Cavalry (Japanese: ナイトキャバリー, Naito Kyabarii) is a Control/Power-Type B-Daman, and is Cain McDonnell's first B-Daman. It was released in Japan in December 2003 and sold for 680円.


Knight Cavalry is a Zero System B-Daman with knight-like armor. Knight Cavalry is decorated with blue and white symbols on its head, shoulders, barrel, wings and feet. Its unique control device is the Knight Wing on its back, and can be adjusted to allow the B-Daman to fire powered shots. It also has a trigger extension, to make it easier to fire.

Other Versions

  • Knight Cavalry S - Battle B-Daman Super Size series, Sonokong exclusive.
  • Knight Cavalry Dark Blue Ver. - Limited Zero 2 B-Daman. Dark blue IBA Body & armor with standard decals & B-Dama.
  • Knight Cavalry Blue Clear Ver. - Limited edition. Clear black IBA Body with clear Zero Shoulder and Zero Foot. Clear blue armor.
  • Knight Cavalry Steel Version

Battle B-Daman

Cain McDonnell acquired Knight Cavalry when he was younger. He is first seen using Knight Cavalry when he easily defeats an anonymous B-DaPlayer. Knight Cavalry is later seen in Cain's battle with Yamato, facing off against Cobalt Blade, and in this battle, Cain used Knight Cavalry's special attack "Valiant Vortex" three times against Cobalt Blade also including several power shots. However, Cain had planned to betray Yamato and the gang so he could badly damage Cobalt Blade, and part of his plan involved destroying Knight Cavalry. Knight Cavalry was heavily damaged by Joshua and then replaced by Black Knight, which was used by Cain to completely destroy Knight Cavalry. Both Terry and Yamato expressed shock that Cain would destroy a B-Daman he had since childhood.