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This article is for the manga version of Konta Tsukino. For their anime counterpart, see Konta Tsukino.

Konta Tsukino (Japanese: 月野 コン太(ツキノ コンタ), Tsukino Konta) is a character appearing in the manga series, Crash B-Daman by Tomoya Kuratani. His B-Daman is Blitz Garuda.

A B-Daman's Heart and Strength should be together!

Konta Tsukino



Konta debut with a sadistic personality. He is first seen enjoying the brutal gang war between Hitto and the BLOODIES. After the gang war, he reveals himself as the BLOODIES' leader and challenges the already exhausted Hitto and Mamoru head-on to a fight.

During that battle; Konta uses his Blitz Garuda to inflict harm on both Mamoru and Hitto while having an evidently happy look in his face. He is seen to enjoy destroying things, even if he speaks about synchronizing with his hearts and feelings with that of his B-Daman. Being a Rapid Fire-Type user; he is devil-may-care and trigger happy. He does not care about his remaining marbles which caused his defeat in the "game" against Hitto.

After his defeat, Konta had a change of heart. He humbly asks Hitto to take him to Professor Tamaga for him to learn some pointers on how to be a powerful B-Der.



Crash B-Daman (Manga)[]




  • Konta's personality in the manga was similar to that of Hanbei Takeichi in the anime as both were rather ruthless despite being diminuitive. However, Konta became friendlier and nicer after being saved by Hitto.
  • His birthday is on October 7 and his blood type is A.