Kotetsu Kurokoma [黒駒 虎鉄(クロコマ コテツ) Kurokoma Kotetsu] is a recurring character in Crash B-Daman and the leader of Team Black Horse.

Kotetsu Kurokoma
Basic Information
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Age 13
Occupation Leader of Team Black Horse
B-Daman Generic Yellow
Japanese Voice Actor Shintaro Ohata
English Voice Actor N/A


Kurokoma is a young teen with black hair and black eyes. He wears a large yellow and black sweater with red straps. His hair normally covers the left side of his face, where he has bandages covering his left eye. He also wears black finger-less gloves.


Kurokoma is normally calm and always takes the lead for Team Black Horse. He also has an obsession with hamburgers.

Crash B-Daman

Kurokoma's debut shows him heading to the Black Horse Rally where everybody recognized his fame as a B-Der. When Hitto and Konta crashed the rally, he figured out Ginzou invited them and kicks them out of the B-Center. He and Kinzou battles them to no contest because Kodoh interfered. Kurokoma decided to continue the battle, even though Kinzou was eliminated, only to be defeated by Hitto.


  • His given name, "Kotetsu," is the Japanese word for Steel while "Kurokoma" means Black Horse which is also the name of their Team.
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