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Kouseiryuu (Japanese: 紅聖龍, Kouseiryuu, "Crimson Sacred Dragon") is a DHB System B-Daman and the ninth release in the DHB Series, the first sub-line in the greater Battle B-Daman series.

It is Li Yong Fa's first B-Daman in the Battle B-Daman manga.

Kouseiryuu is the partner unit to Soujinryuu, and can combine with it to form Seijinryuu. It was succeeded in its lineage by Rekkouryuu, Kouryuuou, and finally Ryuuseiryuu.

Special Features[]

Kouseiryuu possesses many special features, with most parts of its body bearing some atypical functionality. The hold parts in its core have a a rubber pad on the left side, making shots shots fired with it into "Tornado Shots" with a leftwards spin that causes them to deflect rightwards on impact and to curve slightly on surfaces with sufficient friction. Unlike most DHB series B-Daman it comes with attachments for the barrel hardpoints that form a short barrel. Its right arm features the "Dragon Shoulder", an enlarged pauldron that acts as a substantial grip. Kouseiryuu's foot parts are named as the "Dragon Foot" and feature a very large contact area with the ground and short struts extending from the heels, granting a high degree of stability. Finally, while not specifically named, it equips a non-standard trigger with a tall vertical contact area shaped like a shallow "U", providing more pushing surface and a more secure hold than a standard DHB trigger.

Finally, in addition to all of its own special features, Kouseiryuu can combine with its partner unit Soujinryuu into the Seijinryuu which inherits both units' capabilities.


  • Body Parts: Like its successors Kouseiryuu's body kit has a red colour base, in this case a dark crimson befitting its name. It shares arm part designs with its partner unit Kouseiryuu, with their arms being left-right mirrors of one another. Its legs and trigger are both non-standard parts with special features, and like its partner Soujinryuu it features barrel parts when most DHB series B-Daman lack them.
  • Core: Kouseiryuu is built around the Left Tornado Core, granting it left-spinning Tornado Shots.
  • Emblem Stones: Kouseiryuu's primary Emblem Stone features the red-dragon-head logo that would continue to represent the rest of its lineage throughout Battle B-Daman. Its second Emblem Stone bears a geometric diamond pattern in various shades of red.


  • No known variants.


Kouseiryuu appeared as Li Yong Fa's first B-Daman in the Battle B-Daman Manga.


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