Kyōji Kurokami
Basic Information
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Age N/A
Occupation N/A
B-Daman N/A
Japanese Voice Actor N/A
English Voice Actor N/A

Kyōji Kurokami (Japanese: 黒神キョウジ, Kurokami Kyōji) is the primary antagonist of the manga series, Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix.


Kyōji has a large black afro with large black eyes and long, slanted black eyebrows. He wears black sunglasses and has a small nose with some facial hair on his chin and cheeks. He dons a black tuxedo as well.



Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix



  • Kurokami (黒神) is Japanese for "black god".
  • He is aesthetically similar with the character Tycoon Shou from Crash B-Daman in the sense that both of them are obsessed with using B-Daman as weapons and they both own a powerful corporation that has an evil purpose.
    • Additionally, both Kyōji and Shou have a psychotic young man as their top henchman.
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