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Left Lion (Japanese: レフトレオン, Refuto Reon) is a Control-Type Plug-In System B-Daman. It, along with Right Eagle, was released in the Blast Griffon Set in May 1998 in Japan for 880円. It, along with Right Eagle are owned by Billy of the Winds.

PI Frame[]

The PI Frame is similar in design to its counterpart, but in a bluish coloration, along with the helm of its head having two fins on the sides instead of a singular one on the center. On the sides of each fin are stickers with gradient red/orange colors. On top of the head are two small triangular designs (smaller than the shapes on Right Eagle's head) and of a gradient color with two different shades of blue. On the sides of the face are two small yellow designs, and like its counterpart, it has brown anime-eyes in its visor area. It also has a pair of light green, diagonally-positioned Hold Parts called the Slant Fang, a mirror-reversal of Right Eagle's Slant Beak. One of its halves that has the B-Daman's Grip Attachment-L, can combine with the half of Right Eagle that has the Grip Attachment-R to form Blast Griffon.

PI Arms[]

The PI Arms are of the same design as Right Eagle's, but in the same bluish color as the PI Frame, and the stickers on the front of its shoulders each depict a roaring lion head. On the left PI Arm is the Grip Attachment-L, which allows the user to hold and fire the B-Daman with his left hand, while re-loading or using Right Eagle with the other.

PI Foot[]

While it is white as with Right Eagle, the stickers are of the same gradient color as those on the top of the PI Frame's head.

PI Trigger[]

Like Right Eagle, Left Lion has a standard light green PI Trigger.

Super B-Daman (anime)[]





  • Left Lion, along with Right Eagle, are the first B-Daman blasters in any iteration of the anime (excluding Bakugaiden) able to combine into a stronger B-Daman, in which case being Blast Griffon.

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