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The Legendary Dragons are a set of five almighty "Dragon-type" B-Daman. They act as the main plot of the B-Daman Crossfire anime series.


Legendary Dragons

The 5 Legendary Dragons: Drazeros, Dracyan, Dragold, Dravice, and Dragren.

In ancient times, the Golden Dragon, Dragold, brought the B-Crystal with him to the human world, intending on conquering it using its mysterious powers. However, he was thwarted by the other four Legendary Dragon B-Animals; Dracyan, the Blue Dragon, Dravise, the White Dragon, Dragren, the Red Dragon, and Drazeros, the two-headed Black Dragon. Dragold was defeated and sealed away in the form of a B-Daman and put into a dormant state. Centuries later, Dragold was re-awakened by the renegade B-Der, Novu Moru, as part of a scheme to take over the world through both Dragold and the B-Crystal's powers, when the Golden Dragon itself took possession of Rudy Sumeragi as the host of his power. Eventually, Dragold and Rudy betrayed Novu, intending on taking over the world themselves, by absorbing all of the world's B-Animals through the B-Crystal to increase their own power. However, the B-Animals of the other 4 Dragons and Lightning Diles did not get absorbed. When Rudy was defeated in the Final Break Bomber challenge, he was freed of Dragold's influence. Seeing how badly his plans affected Rudy, who cried tears of shame, Dragold apologized to him, gifting him with a glowing, golden marble, before disappearing.


B-Daman Crossfire[]

B-Daman Owned By Color
Thunder Dracyan Riki Ryugasaki Blue
Lightning Dravise Samuru Shigane White
Strike Dragren Novu Moru Red
Double Drazeros Basara Kurochi Black
Smash Dragold Rudy Sumeragi Gold

B-Daman Fireblast[]

B-Daman Owned By Color
Rising=Dracyan Riki Ryugasaki Blue
Sonic=Dravise Samuru Shigane White
Assault=Dragren Novu Moru Red
Stream=Drazeros Basara Kurochi Black


  • Thunder Dracyan, Lightning Dravise, and Strike Dragren have silver-colored Core Parts (whose hold parts correspond to the color of their type), while Double Drazeros has a translucent purple and white Core, and Smash Dragold has a clear and black Core.
  • In the Anime, only Dragold did not made use of an upgraded metal core (Heavy Smash Core) as opposed to the four others.
  • Both Dragren and Dragold are the only ones of the five Dragons that can perform Super Fusion.
    • By far, only four of the five dragons made the transition to the Emblem Charge System, with Dragold being absent, due to having disappeared at the end of season 1.
    • Unlike Strike Dragren, Assault=Dragren cannot perform Super Fusion but is able to become "Ultimate Dragren" if one has enough Emblem Shields, which would come from getting five Assault=Dragrens.
  • Despite Right Drake being a dragon type B-Daman, it is not considered as part of the Legendary Dragons.