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Li Yong Fa is a main character in the Battle B-Daman series. His current B-Daman is Meteor Dragon.

Appearance and Personality

Li Yong Fa always appears in his red attire. Li's hat is commented as fancy on several occasions and Mie even tells Li he looks like a waiter. Li is normally devious and dedicated to his mission but becomes torn between his allegiance and his friendships. Li and Wen are both from a city known as Lycan.


  • Li is 132cm tall and weighs 30.2kg.
  • His blood type is A.
  • His birthday is on December 9th.
  • Li and Wen's personalities are actually based off Eiji Inuki's own situation in the family. (His younger brother happening to be "better" than all his older siblings.)
  • Similarly to Terry, Li enjoys taiyaki.
  • In the first season, Li generally had the deeper voice of the Yong Fa brothers, but in the second season his voice is notably higher than it was in the first season.
  • He is shown to be less hesitant with changing or pretending to change sides than his brother which is evident in "Hog Wild", "The Rapid and Powerful", and "With Friends Like These".
  • His B-DaBalls are orangey red and match the color of his outfit.
  • Li and Wen are of Chinese descent as revealed in Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!

Battle B-Daman

Li along with Wen first appear when Yamato is going to Mie's café. He, Ababa and Wen are seen on several occasions in the Shadow Alliance hideout scouting Yamato's skills and growth. To test his abilities and Gray's loyalty, Li and Wen challenge Yamato to a battle for Chrome Zephyr, they win using questionable tactics and reveal Gray's true allegiance.

Li is also seen during Yamato and Terry's training where he uses his magic to test their capabilities as B-DaPlayers. Li is next seen at the IBA Winners Tournament where he qualifies with a perfect 100 score in Shoot the Gap. His semi-final match is against Terry McScotty.

Ababa next assigns him to the task of taking out Yamato and stealing his Cobalt Blade, but is interrupted by Mie and agrees to help her but only to capture her and use her as a hostage. His plans are continuously foiled by Tommi the cat and he begins to realize his feelings for the real world but it is deviated by his mission objective. Li is really put to the test when he is conflicted by honor and respect. When Yamato returns, he is speechless but is interrupted by two Hogs who try and rob Mie's café. Li helps Yamato defeat the hogs by battling with him. During the battle he is given the opportunity to take out Yamato and take Cobalt Blade but is distracted by Mie, afterwards the two use teamwork to defeat the hogs. After Li finds out Wen and Enjyu stole Terry's Wing Ninja he is conflicted and has to choose between his experience here and his loyalty to the Shadow Alliance. He chooses to shatter Wing Ninja.

Now Li and Terry face off with a broken Wing Ninja, Li finds out Yamato's plan to fix it during the break and now plans to foil it. During their second break in the match he tries to discourage Terry but is angered when he refuses to give in to defeat. After Terry fixes Wing Ninja and the third round begins with fierce competition but due to Terry's bond with his friends he overwhelms Li and defeats him.

Li then thinks back on the power of friendship and his memories with Mie Delgado. Li is seen conflicted again when Enjyu goes too far when telling Yamato about Gray and making the deal for Yamato to lose, Li is seen saddened and confused during this and in several other scenes such as when Ababa's stipulations for Yamato and Gray's match are not to his liking. Li and Wen finally make the decision to leave the Shadow Alliance and play fair forevermore when Wen is chosen to face Enjyu. Afterwards, he and Wen finally make friends with Yamato's group. Li and Wen return to assist Yamato and Gray defeat News and Salz in monster form. On Li and Wen's trip to return home they witness Ike stealing of all the B-Daman in a passing village. They return to Cowtune to get Yamato and their other friends to help.

Twin Dragon Kings

Armada has Li and Wen spy on Yamato and the others' journey. Li and Wen rejoin Yamato and the others and take them to Lycan to meet the B-DaSage. While there, they find the B-DaSage held hostage. Li and Wen agree to battle the nappers for their freedom. Before their battle, Li and Wen receive King Rekuso and King Bakuso, respectively. With their new found B-Daman, they easily defeat their opponents. Afterwards, the Yong Fa brothers and Yamato's group go their separate ways.

Li and Wen return to Armada and the others to help stop Shegen in the city of Wygene. During his time in Wygene, he helps train to Sly's trainees including a young man named Ralf, while battling him he gets distracted and Ralf scores a lucky blow on Wen. After Liena is captured by Shegen, Wen battles in Sly's place due to his injury. Shegen has a large advantage in their battle due to his knowledge of the playing field, but by combining his King Bakuso with Li's King Rekuso to form King Bakurekuso, Wen is able to defeat Shegen in his own game.

Yong Fa Brothers No More

Li, Wen and the group then land on a vacation island where Li and Wen are assigned to the task of spying on Yamato and the gang once again. After the group leaves the island, Li and Wen follow and help defeat some Neo Shadow Alliance Soldiers. Afterwards, Li heads back to report their activities to Armada while Wen goes back to spy on Yamato and the gang. On his way there Li is intercepted by Enjyu who asks for Li's help. Wen later finds Li with Enjyu and is very surprised to find out that Li has become a member of the Neo Shadow Alliance. In his own mind, Li reveals that he cannot tell Wen the real reason he joined because Wen would not understand, Enjyu rejoined the alliance so he could defeat Marda B from the inside.

After a long squabble between words, Li challenges Wen to convince Wen to join him and the two B-DaBattle. Unable to shoot his brother, Wen is left wide open and Li takes the victory offscreen, splitting them apart. Li is later seen regretting his decision and vowing to defeat Marda B. Later, Li and Enjyu are accepted into the Neo Shadow Alliance, but thanks to Cain, Li is brainwashed by Marda B. Li isn't seen much outside the Marda B's lair scenes, until Wen, Gray, Terry, and Yamato storm Marda B's harrier. In there, Li battled Wen until he is defeated and freed from Marda B's control.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!


Battle B-Daman
Opponent/Challenge Outcome/Score Battle Type
Yamato & Bull (tag w/ Wen Yong Fa) Win Free Chrome Zephyr / Direct Hit Battle
IBA Qualifying Round Perfect 100 Shoot the Gap
Hogs (tag w/ Yamato Delgado) Win Direct Hit Battle
Terry McScotty Lose B-Daman Invasion
News and Salz (tag w/ Yamato, Wen, Gray, Sigma & Berkhart) Win Direct Hit Battle
Monkey and Water Sprite (tag w/ Wen Yong Fa) Win Six Wall
Neo Shadow Alliance Soldiers Win Direct Hit Battle
Wen Yong Fa (Flashback) No Result Direct Hit Battle
Wen Yong Fa Win (Offscreen) Direct Hit Battle
Wen Yong Fa Lose (Controlled) Direct Hit Battle
Marda B (tag/ Yamato, Gray, Terry, Enjyu & Wen) Win Direct Hit Battle
Wen Yong Fa No Result Direct Hit Battle
Opponent Outcome Battle Type
Yamato & Bull (tag w/ Wen Yong Fa) Win Free Chrome Zephyr / Direct Hit Battle
Terry McScotty Lose B-Daman Invasion
Terry McScotty Draw Several Mini Stages
Wen Yong Fa Lose Double Invasion
Kiba No Result Volcanic Match


Battle B-Daman