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Liena Grace Vincent is a main character in Battle B-Daman. She is also the sister of Gray Michael Vincent.

Appearance and Personality

Liena is a tall 12 year old girl with blonde hair and green eyes. In the manga, Liena wore a black jumpsuit with a red vest, and black fingerless gloves. In the Anime, her jumpsuit is maroon and wears a red jacket with rolled sleeves and white trimmings, and white fingerless gloves.

She is very kind and reasonable in sticky situations and is always willing to help. She is also able to easily take her mind off of things but feels a strong sense of responsibility if something happens that involves her but wasn't directly her fault. She looks up to her brother Gray and seems to attract a lot of attention from boys like Sigma and Wen.


  • Liena is 150cm tall and weighs 38kg.
  • Her birthday is on April 30th.
  • Her blood type is AB.
  • Her B-DaBalls are yellow and match the color of her hair.
  • Gray Michael Vincent and Liena are twins.

Battle B-Daman

Liena was captured by the Shadow Alliance and used as a blackmailing tool to get Gray to work for them. Liena is first seen when Enjyu is looking at her after he chats with Ababa about Gray's allegiance. She is first seen without being detained in Gray's flashback when he first gets Chrome Zephyr. Liena is brought up in several conversations when Gray's allegiance to the Shadow Alliance is brought up.

Liena makes her true debut during the Elite Eight stage of the IBA Winners Tournament when she is freed and brainwashed by Ababa. After Ababa knocks out Sigma, she takes his cape and mask, whilst wearing her own clothing underneath, and enters the Elite Eight as Sigma, while under Ababa's control. She enters as the opponent of Terry McScotty in the third round of the semi-finals. She starts by disposing of Sigma's Scope General and showing off her true B-Daman Garnet Wind. During her match with Terry she is unmasked and recognized by Gray who tells everyone of her identity.

Liena defeats Terry through questionable techniques, she says that her mission is complete and returns as the newest member of the Shadow Alliance. She is next seen at the Shadow Alliace head quarters where she assaults Gray for being a traitor and challenges him to a B-Da Battle, but instead of Gray she ends up facing Yamato in a B-DaBattle. During her battle with Yamato, she is reminded of a flashback where Gray told her not to worry just like when during the battle Yamato told Gray not to worry and he would win. This shows that Liena is regaining control of her mind. Once again during the match she shows signs of regaining control, but she doesn't fully regain it until Yamato uses his "Spinning Cobalt Power Blast" to defeat her and free her mind from the Shadow Alliance. After her mind is freed Liena and Gray finally reunite sharing a heartfelt moment.

Liena's next role would be to help the group defend Yamato while he completes Cobalt Saber. Liena next gives up her spot for Gray to face Yamato. Before Yamato's match with Enjyu, she has several moments thinking about him and talking to him. After Yamato defeats Enjyu she is pleased to see that he's changed sides. When Gray and Liena are supposed to return home they are both displeased to see that it has been attacked and the villagers gone. It is later revealed that the Longhorn Brothers Gang are responcible for both acts but are defeated by Yamato, Gray and friends from the tournament, including Enjyu and Sigma.

With the announcement of the Neo Shadow Alliance, Liena finds Enjyu who proceeds to tell her that he plans to take on Marda B by himself. Liena is left behind by Gray and the group when they leave to challenge the Neo Shadow Alliance, for her own safety. Liena, Mie and Armada all decide to head out to search for them afterwards.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!

Liena debuted in Fire Spirits! while in search for a Strike Shot. Eventually she ran in to her older brother Gray as he obtained a Speed Shot. She congratulated him but was short lived when Haja stole it. Gray immediately stole it back much to Haja's displeasure. Haja then challenged Gray for it and during their battle Haja cheated leaving Gray wide open until he was saved by Liena. Unfortunately Liena was defeated but this gave Gray the strength to defeat Haja. Afterwards Liena decided to go her own way to find a strike shot. Liena next would go to a B-Coliseum where she would time in at :09 for ultimate strike only to find out that the prize was not a strike shot. She would then run into her old friends Yamato and Tommi. Yamato would then agree to help Liena find a strike shot of her own and they would all be off on their journey.


Battle B-Daman
Opponent Outcome Battle Type
Terry McScotty Win (Controlled) Ultimate Strike
Yamato Delgado Lose (Controlled) Battle Hammer
Assado No Result Direct Hit Battle
Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!
Opponent/Challenge Outcome/Score Battle Type
Haja Lose Direct Hit Battle
Ultimate Strike 9 Seconds Ultimate Strike
Six Wall Challenge Perfect 100 Six Wall


Battle B-Daman