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The Lightning Diles vs. Strike Dravise 2-Pack is a 2-Pack that released under B-Daman Crossfire internationally sometime in 2014 for $16.99.


Product description[]

Ready…Aim…Crossfire! Start a battle royale with this awesome 2-pack of B-Daman fast-firing sharpshooters! Your Lightning Diles figure is a Rapid-Fire type and he can slam one B-DA marble after another at his opponent. But your Strike Dravise figure can hit his enemy in just the right spot with his Precision shot! This pack comes with 2 Ultra B-DA marbles, an Iron Blast B-DA Marble and a Hypersonic B-DA marble for your fiercest battles. Pit your figures against each other or take on your friends in the ultimate B-Daman duel!

Includes 2 B-Daman figures, 1 target, 2 Ultra B-DA Marbles, 1 Iron Blast B-DA Marble, 1 Hypersonic B-DA Marble, 1 customization tool, 2 collector cards and instructions.

2-pack includes Lightning Diles and Strike Dravise figures. Pit them against each other or take on your friends. Lightning Diles is a Rapid-Fire type. Strike Dravise is a Precision type. Includes 4 B-DA marbles.

BD-47 Lightning Diles (Rapid-Fire). BD-07 Strike Dravise (Precision).

Ages 6 and up.

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