One Sided=Rabbit
Product Code N/A
Type Rapid Fire
Price N/A
System Core Change System
Series B-Daman Crossfire
Release Dates
Japan N/A
English N/A
System not selected.
Rapid Fire
Owner Sumi Inaba
First Appearance Did you say...B-Daman?
Special Move(s)

Lightning Rabbit (Japanese: ワンサイド=ラビット, Wan saido=rabitto, One Sided=Rabbit) is a Rapid Fire-Type in the Core Change System B-Daman. It only appears in the anime, and is owned by Sumi Inaba.

Body Set: Rabbit

Head Part

The head has a rabbit motif.

Arm Parts

Stud Parts

The studs are pink colored.

Leg Part

The feet resemble those of a rabbit and are white, pink and yellow.

Core Part: One Sided

As the name of this Rapid Fire-Type Core Part suggests, One Sided has a one-handed grip, so that the user could use one hand to aim and fire marbles rapidly, and the other to reload.

B-Daman Crossfire (anime)

At the end of episode 26 in Crossfire, a rabbit B-Animal flew into this B-Daman, and the B-Daman itself started to talk.




  • Lightning Rabbit is a reference to the hare from the legend of the Hare of Inaba, from which its wielder, Sumi Inaba, gets her surname.
  • This is the only B-Daman besides Strike Swallow to have a "female" B-Animal.
  • It is affectionately referred to as Rabbit-chan.
  • This was the first B-Daman to be shown on the anime.
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