This is an episode list of all episodes of Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! the second season of Battle B-Daman. Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! revolves around Yamato Delgado and his gang, as well as a few new characters, on their Strike Shot hunt to join the Winner's Tournament on that year in the first half. The second half involves protecting Aqulas from the evil B-Deus from making use of him to create an ultimate strike shot. Only the first 26 episodes were aired in English.

Episode List

No Title Japanese English
01 Wishes For the Stars January 10, 2005 February 03, 2007
Yamato embarks on yet another fantastic journey in the B-DaWorld. He wins a Strike Shot in a B-Da Battle. Then a character named Haja tries to steal it from him for his own use, so he challenges him to a B-Da Battle.
02 Two Boy Crash January 17, 2005 March 20, 2007
Gunnos searches for a Strike Shot and meets Yamato, the birth of a big rivalry begins... 
03 The Great Brave January 24, 2005 March 27, 2007
Gray finds a Strike shot and is challenged by Haja to a B-DaBattle to determine its true owner. 
04 Gold Rush January 31, 2005 April 03, 2007
Terry and Joe team up and start their journey to the Winners Tournament.
05 Encounters February 07, 2005 April 10, 2007
Bull searches for a Strike Shot on his way to Winners. 
06 Battle Runner February 14, 2005 April 17, 2007
Yamato and Gunnos battle Terry and Joe on a competition for a strike shot, and the winner is... 
07 The Chuckerout in the Wilderness February 21, 2005 April 24, 2007
Gunnos runs into trouble in the village.
08 The Flame February 28, 2005 May 01, 2005
Gray trains for the tournament and arrives at an underground B-Da battle arena, where he meets Enjyu and both battle. 
09 No Mercy March 07, 2005 May 08, 2007
Terry finds a Strike Shot, but Haja interferes and steals it, he attacks Terry but Joe steps in to defend him at the cost of his life.
10 Reunion March 14, 2005 May 15, 2007
Bull reunites with his old friend Yamato. 
11 Goodbye Friend March 21, 2005 May 22, 2007
A new B-Daman is found. 
12 Count to Three March 28, 2005 July 07, 2007
Yamato and the gang visit Armada.
13 Whiteout April 04, 2005 July 14, 2007
Enjyu faints in his journey and finally makes the discovery for the strike shot he has been searching all along.
14 Elegy for the Guys April 11, 2005 July 21, 2007
Yamato must battle a confused Terry who wants to steal his strike shot. 
15 Countdown April 18, 2005 July 28, 2007
It's the final three days before the Winner's Tournament and everybody is preparing for the tournament. Aqulas gets an improvement to his newly found Revolver Hades. 
16 The Way to the Dragon April 25, 2005 August 04, 2007
17 Youth Carnival May 02, 2005 August 18, 2007
In this special episodes, profiles are given for the participants in the Winner's Tournament. 
18 The Qualifiers May 09, 2005 August 25, 2007
A pre-match starts at Winners for the final chance to get a strike shot. Liena and Li along with other players participate, on the match, Liena earns the strike shot and the opportunity to participate at Winners. 
19 Hard to Hit May 16, 2005 September 01, 2007
All the B-Da players, including Yamato, Gunnos, Gray, Enjyu and Kiba start the battle for A Block. 
20 Hot Shot May 23, 2005 September 04, 2007
B Block winners, including Aqulas, Jinbee, Haja, Wen, Liena and Castillo battle in the game B-Da golf battle. 
21 Swallow Tail May 30, 2005 September 11, 2007
A mysterious bird leads Terry to a strike shot, where he has to learn to fight the weakness of his heart. 
22 Inside the Labyrinth June 06, 2005 September 18, 2007
Aqulas, Enjyu, Haja, Wen and Kiba battle in the Battle Pyramid where incredible warped battles take place. Who will be the two to qualify on to the semi-finals? 
23 Rules to be a Hero June 13, 2005 September 25, 2007
Yamato, Gunnos, Gray, Jinbee and Liena play against each other in Battle Royal Hockey. In the battle royale, Jinbee gets quickly kicked out by Liena, and in a one on one match against his sister Gray proves to be the superior Soldier of the Gale. Now only Yamato, Gunnos and Grey remain and only two will qualify, however the match gets interrupted by Haja, will the match stop? Or will the Contestants continue on this epic showdown? 
24 Days of Anger June 20, 2005 October 02, 2007
Terry finally gets to Winners and challenges Haja with his new B-Daman in a spider match. Now with an improved B-daman and finally a strike shot he battles against the crafty B-Da´player, however Haja proves not to be just a coward, but an amazing B-Daplayer, will Terry defeat the Opponent who defeated Joe? 
25 Semi-Final June 27, 2005 October 09, 2007
Yamato and Gunnos battle to qualify for the finals. In an incredible clash of Drive shot vs Metal Shot, who will be able to win? 
26 Glory With Wounds July 04, 2005 October 16, 2007
Aqulas and Enjyu battle to qualify for the finals. Enjyu fights ferociously to win, but Aqulas proves to be a strange adversary. Will Enjyu be able to pierce through Aqulas and battle Yamato in the Final Round?

(The dub version gets cancelled after this episode.)

27 High Noon July 11, 2005 Not released
Just before the finals, Bull comes in and taunts Yamato. Yamato vows to defeat Aqulas and the Finals match finally begins. In a 3-point Direct-Hit-battle, the winner must win the best of three rounds.

Yamato quickly uses his great power, but has trouble against Aqulas almost invisible stealth shot. As the battle progresses Aqulas gradually recovers his memories. Yamato stands in a pinch but manages to turn the tide leaving the game 2 to 2.

28 Trading Places July 18, 2005 Not released
Yamato and Aqulas resume their battle by trading powerful blows. To Shin’s amazement, Aqulas old self returns! Now both players decide to use the 100% of their strength. In the ultimate collision of strike shots, Drive shot vs Stealth Shot, by evoking his full B-Da spirit… Aqulas emerges victorious.

TP reveals his true self with the name of B-Daeus, a man who wants to control the B-Daworld and with his subordinates they interrupt the Awarding ceremony! Yamato and the entire gang decide to stop them. The battle enrages and Aqulas becomes berserk causing B-Deus to flee with the help of the twins, Fereus and Equus.

29 The Fugitive July 25, 2005 Not released
Aqulas is one of the legendary B-Da players, and according to B-Deus he is the key to gain control of the B-Da world.

He sends forth his servants to attack Aqulas and seize him and offers Yamato and company to surrender. Both Yamato and Grey refuse to sell Aqulas. Then Bull comes in to show Yamato’s and Grey’s new ultimate B-Damans. Cobalt Blaster and Chrome Harrier.

30 Wings of Friendship August 01, 2005 Not released
It is revealed that Aqulas true power as a legendary B-Da player is to create strike shots with his own energy, and that B-Deus was after that power.

Later Yamato teams up with Aqulas and challenge Grey and Terry to a friendly match. They battle till exhaustion, each deepening their bond as B-Daplayers. By having gained new true friends, Aqulas uses his power and a new strike shot is born… The Stealth-Drive Shot.

31 Spider August 08, 2005 Not released
Yamato, Aqulas and the gang are devoted to intensive training. Aqulas however gets exhausted pretty quickly because creating a Strike shot drains his own vital energy.

In order to heal his fatigue they decide go to a hot spring. However Bull gets kidnapped and Aqulas is the only one that notices. He goes to search for Bull, and battles against an old partner who is controlled by B-Deus. Aqulas makes short work of him, and when it seems that he has comes into his senses, he tricks Aqulas and traps him in a spider web. Tarantula seizes the chance and kidnaps Aqulas.

32 End of the World August 15, 2005 Not released
Shin predicts that Aqulas has been taken to his ancestors ruins. While Bears and Armada work on an improved B-Daman, the gang decides to go and save Aqulas but Gray makes Liena to stay. The gang arrives and have to confront an entire army of B-Deus servants lead by Indica. By spying with a Surveillance camera, Indica is able to track the trayectory of B-DaBalls and counter effectively against Yamato, Gunnos, Grey and Terry. Liena appears and destroys the surveillance cameras, but Indica defeats her quickly. The entire gang step in to protect Liena but they're powerless by the rest of the army. Suddenly Red haired Enjyu joins the fray with his improved Cartridge system B-Daman, Variable Kaiser. 
33 Closed Forests August 22, 2005 Not released
Yamato and the gang continue to search and end up in the middle of a strange forest. The forest seems to be quite a maze and the gang becomes hungry but has to refrain from eating the poisonous mushrooms. Only Terry seems to be able to sense the dangers and troubles as he spots one of B-Deus assassins lurking in the forest.
34 Caveman August 29, 2005 Not released
The gang eventually run into Gunno’s hometown. When they arrive Gunnos lies about winning the Winners Tournament. The Elders of the village congratulate Gunnos and arrange his marriage with Hannah. Gunnos is reluctant, but suddenly it appears that the elder is actually part of B-Deus gang masters in disguise. An army of B-Deus lackeys attack Gunnos and he is quickly defeated in a B-Dabattle much to the townspeople demise! It is only when Grey, Terry and Yamato step in to help and they defeat them. Finally Gunnos reveals the truth but promises to really win 1st place next time.
35 Twins September 05, 2005 Not released
A B-Da factory where Liena, Armada and Mie are located is destroyed by the twins Ferreus and Equus. They manage to escape barely but the twins insist on making trouble for Yamato and his friends. The twins arrive to where the gang is training and defeat Gunnos and Terry easily with their advanced Cartridge system B-Damans. Yamato, Grey and Shin arrive to the scene and Yamato demands a battle. Grey and Yamato tag team to take them on. However the twins excellent cooperative play turns the tides to their favor, pushing both Cobalt Blaster and Chrome Harrier to the brink of defeat.

At the end, however, Grey remembers a promise he had made to Liena and regains his composure. With one of Bull's special reloader part and both strike shots (his sister's hop shot and his speed shot), Grey begins to counter attack. Aided by Yamato's power they defeat both Ferreus and Equus in their own game.

36 Melody of Betrayal September 12, 2005 Not released
The gang end up in a wild desert full of sandstorms. Haja returns! This time since he was close to dying he says he wants to help Yamato and his gang.

It appears then that the gang is sorrounded by Jinbee, Phantom, and Veeder. They corner Yamato and pushes him against the wall. The entire gang tries to fight off, but it appears that Haja was actually saved by B-Deus and now serves under him! By showing his true colors, Haja betrays the gang, but the gang manages to barely escape, losing track of Aqulas.

37 Breaking the Waves September 19, 2005 Not released
Aqulas begins to suffer internal emotional damage after being forced to create an evil strike shot. Yamato ends up in a sea area with the rest of his friends. They gang is confronted Three Black Roses of Midnight (the trio that was defeated by Kiba during Winners) but now they have improved cartridge system B-Damans, and The gang proves to be no match against them. To put things worse, Yamato tries to use the new StealthDrive shot but it breaks Cobalt Blaster! A tide arises and threatens to drown the gang, unless they win. The three roses are about to claim victory, but are intercepted by Wen and Li, also With new and improved cartridge system B-Damans.

The two brothers show an incomparable team play, proving that 3 isn't necessarily better than 2

38 Dagon's close call September 26, 2005 Not released
Yamato and Grey realize that they still lack training. They decide to take some tips from Wen and Li. Eventually B-Deus sends another of his thugs to attack Yamato and Grey while on a suspension bridge, but Wen and Li intervene in their stead. Both of the brothers however experience problems while fighting on a suspension bridge and Li gets injured. The battle seems against the brothers, but they fuse their B-Damans and manage to win!

B-Deus recognizes the brothers as a threat to their plan and orders Haja to cut loose the suspension bridge as they fall into an abyss. This action enrages Aqulas who suddenly seems to be possessed by feelings of hatred and anger.

39 Day of Revival October 03, 2005 Not released
40 Bonnie and Clyde October 10, 2005 Not released
Yamato and the gang manage to infiltrate in B-Deus base in order to rescue Aqulas. Haja appears with a gigantic canonball B-Daman but Gunnos stays in order to fight him while the rest of the gang go further to reach their friend. Later on Aztec mask appears to fight, but Bull and Kiba stay and battle him. Yamato, Grey and Terry who are accompanied by Shin and Tommy the cat, enter into the cave, and suddenly countless of Soldiers attack the gang, but Terry insists on dealing with them as Grey and Yamato advance. Terry is overpowered by sheer numbers, but in a last attempt manages to defeat everyone before fainting. In the battle against Aztec mask, he easily overpowers Kiba and Bull, but Enjyu joins the fray and battles the mighty B-Da player. Meanwhile Yamato and Grey encounter the twins Ferreus and Equus who are trying to prevent them from reaching Aqulas. Grey decides to battle them as he gives an opportunity for Yamato to advance further.

Yamato is finally able to reach the end of the lair where he meets Aqulas, but... there's something wrong with him?

41 Howling October 17, 2005 Not released
Aqulas seems rather different, he now has long hair and White eyes and begins to howl like a wild beast! Shin immediately recognizes that he is taken over by the evil powers after being forced to create a Dark strike shot. Aqulas goes berserk and begins to shoot at Yamato with his new cartirdge B-Daman, Gattling Hades. Yamato an his Drive shot proof to be no match against Wild Aqulas and his Dark stealth shot! Yamato refuses to listen to Shin's advice to give up despite being constantly beaten down by a superior Aqulas. Soon Yamato realized all the troubles and sacrifices he and his friends have gone through and decides to counter attack! With an amazing demonstration of constant cartridge shooting, Cobalt Blasters begins to literally heat and turns into Hot-ball mode! Yamato is now able to use the Stealth-Drive shot created once by Aqulas powers and his friendship and is able to overcome the Dark Stealth shot!

Aqulas is defeated and he beings to return to his old self.

42 When Time Ran Out October 24, 2005 Not released
Yamato has rescued Aqulas but B-Deus secret hideout begins to crumble. Yamato and Aqulas quickly run outside as they encounter Grey, Gunnos, Terry and the others. Aztec Mask and Enjyu are evenly match but the Mask Aztec ceases to fight and calls it a draw for the meantime. Everybody cheers as they are finally reunited with Aqulas, but the crumbling hideout results to be a secret flying spaceship! B-Deus reveals that the purpose of why Aqulas was kidnapped was to force him to create the Ultimate Gaedeaum shot, The ultimate Dark strike shot so powerful that would revive "Lord Galdezer" an Ancient B-Da player who had been sealed by Aqulas clan.

Galdezer possesses B-Deus body and promises to get revenge on Aqulas as the only survivor of the clan and the entire B-Da world. Will Yamato and the gang be able to defeat B-Daeus gang and the new powerful Galdezer?

43 Independence Day October 31, 2005 Not released
In a quick demonstration of his telekynesis powers, Galdezer by controlling his B-Daman from afar easily defeats the entire gang! B-Deus and his gang challenges Yamato and his friends to a series of 5 battles in a tournament that will decide the fate of the entire B-Da world. Galdezer leaves with B-Deus and the spaceship and Aqulas soon collapses as his body is weak from having created the Dark Stealth shot and the Ultimate Gaedaeum shot. Aqulas apologizes for being taken over by having put the B-Da world once again into peril, but Grey, Bull and the rest of the gang promise to support him until the end so that he doesn't have to carry the burden all by himself

Aqulas and Shin finally realized that having met Yamato and the others was the best thing that has happened to them, meanwhile they have to prepare for the upcoming battles if they want to keep the B-Da world from danger.

44 We are not Angels November 07, 2005 Not released
The Air tightens as the First of the Decisive battles is about to start. The team to get 3 victories wins the 5 VS 5 matches. The 1st Round, The Pillar Destruction battle, the first to go on Yamato’s Team is Enjyu, while Boss master sends out Haja.

Enjyu easily overpowers Haja and destroys most of his pillars in the beginning of the match. Just before he’s about to win, Haja reveals to have Kia kidnapped as a hostage linked to his final pillar. If Enjyu were to destroy it Kia would fall and die. Variable Kaiser’s attacks are sealed and Haja begins to get the upper hand near to winning. Kia shouts in the middle of the crisis and knocks some sense back into Enjyu, just in time for him to use his Black Drive Shot. Enjyu defeats Haja, and catches Kia as he falls.

45 Please give me Wings November 14, 2005 Not released
The second match is about to start. From team Fire Spirits, Terry steps in to fight, on the other hand despite Equus claims B-Deus (Master Hefai) chooses Ferreus to battle instead. The second match takes place on the Devil canyon where there lies a bottomless buttom, were falling would meant an instant loss. The battle ensues and Terry seems to have serious disadvantage. At the end Terry decides not to give up and fights till the end, giving inspiration to his team mates and specially Aqulas.

Unfortunately Terry loses the match.

46 Reviving Ferocious Wolf November 21, 2005 Not released
The matches are in a tie 1 to 1. Although Ferreus won against Terry, B-Deus punishes her. Equus tries to stop him but is forced to test a new machine instead. Meanwhile, Yamato and his gang are busy training for the next match, but Aqulas emotional damage is still too deep to allow him to fight at full power. Gunnos and others argue that Aqulas is not ready and they should battle to decide who is entitled for the 3rd match. Jinbee shows up and guides the gang to the place for the battle but they are ambushed by B-Deus' members. Outnumberd by B-Deus, they are driven up to the wall but Gunnos and others protect Aqulas, throwing themselves into the battle. To respond them, Aqulas finally makes a stunning comeback! 
47 Brainstorm November 28, 2005 Not released
Now back at full potential, Aqulas decides to battle on the next match. The 3rd battle is Aqulas vs Equus on the circular canon stage, but this time Equus seems to operate his B-Daman with an advanced brainstorm system which controls the B-Daman using his brainwaves. When the battle begins, Aqulas faces problems with the advanced use of the brainstorm and it seems like no B-Daplayer can keep up with the speed of the brainstorm, besides it seems to have serious side-effects for the user. Equus begins to suffer the strains from Brainstorm and almost starts to get out of control.

Aqulas manages to keep up with the brainstorm system and is able to barely fight at equal footing, but in the end he decides to achieve a long-term victory by using his Stealth shot to miss on purpose and instead of earning his last point to win the match, he attacks the core system of Brainstorm. Equus however is able to land his final point and Aqulas loses the match. Aqulas is upset on having lost such an important match, but knows that by disabling brainstorm it will give Grey and Yamato a better chance to win the following matches.

48 Gone with the Wind December 05, 2005 Not released
On the competition Yamato’s team has 1 Victory and 2 Losses, one more loss would result in handing the B-da world to Bedeus. Grey decides to fight on the 4th round against the Aztec Mask, in a 3 point Direct Battle on the Hurricane stage. At the beginning, Grey experiences difficulties as the stage wind pressure blows away his B-Daballs, Aztec mask on the other hand who focuses on power has no problems on getting through. Grey struggles as he is barely able to dodge, until Bull arrives and with a power up for Chrome Harrier, is able to fight on equal footing. Bedeus realizes to have underestimated Grey, and increases the Wind pressure of the Hurricane stage to its maximum, rendering Chrome Harrier's improved cyclone attacks to be useless. Aztec Mask gets the upper hand once more and with absolute attack power blasts Grey to near defeat. In the last moment sensing his friends feelings, Grey uses all his B-Da spirit and summons the wind to fight on his side! The soldier of the gale creates a giant Cyclone and with god-like speed, strikes down Aztec mask and seizes victory!

The score is now tied 2 to 2, Grey passes the final task to Yamato who awaits for the Final Battle that will decide the fate of the entire B-Da World.

49 Is There tomorrow December 12, 2005 Not released
Mie, Armada and Liena decide to take Yamato and the gang go for a picnic to relax before the final match. Yamato seems uneasy now that the entire B-Da world is resting on his shoulders. Grey challenges Yamato to a friendly match, which Yamato easily wins, later on Terry challenges him, and then Wen, Li and Kiba. After defeating everybody, Aqulas challenges Yamato and the battle ends in a draw. Yamato realizes that he doesn't need to carry all he burden since his family and every friend are supporting him and have helped him to get this far and vows to win.

That night however, Aqulas has a nightmare in which Galdezer defeats Yamato with the Gaedaeum shot. He wakes up and decides to use the last remain of his B-Da spirit to create an ultimate strike shot that will fight par on par with the Ultimate Evil Strike shot, despite Shin's many warnings that doing so could mean his death.

50 Heaven and Hell December 19, 2005 Not released
The final battle finally starts, Yamato vs Galdezzer. The entire gang except for Aqulas go to cheer on Yamato. As the showdown beings, Galdezer shows his true appearance is that of a Dragon! He quickly overpowers Yamato and Cobalt Blaster begins to experience problems. Just as things seem to turn for the worse, Aqulas comes in and hands Yamato a new strike shot "Use it" are his last words, as he passes out...

Yamato receives the Strike shot, but not without shedding tears.

51 Shoot Facing Tomorrow December 26, 2005 Not released
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