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Lizard Eye is an Accuracy-Type B-Daman using the Zero System. It is a variation of Bakuso and was released by Hasbro for the Battle B-Daman toy line sometime during 2005 internationally.

IBA Body[]

Maw Helmet[]

The Maw Helmet armor piece is based on the appearance of an oriental-style dragon, boasting a yellow visor, and a fin for aiming at targets.

Dragon Shoulders[]

The Dragon Shoulders are a pair of stylized, segmented shoulder guards, and are more likely for cosmetic purposes.

Assault Claws[]

The Assault Claws harbor a dragon motif; in this case two sharp claws for each of the arms of the IBA Body. These claws are molded onto a square-shaped pad which is inserted into the fists of the IBA Body. They can provide better grip in that two fingers of one can be pressed above each Claw for an easier hold.

Dragon Foot[]

The Dragon Foot pieces resemble dragon-like toes with sharp nails. Due to their design, they are found elongated which can provide additional stability for the B-Daman to support Magazines and such.

Focus Barrel (Barrel Plate Armor in the Japanese version)[]

The Focus Barrel features two segmented plates and one smaller one on a base, that can be attached to the front of the Core to compress shots into a straight line for Accuracy.


Lizard Eyes's non-interchangeable Core has a pair of Yellow Hold Parts, in addition to a similarly-colored Trigger.