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Mach Garuda (Japanese: マッハガルーダ, Mahha Garūda) is a Rapid Fire Type Synchro Weapon System B-Daman belonging to Konta Tsukino as his second B-Daman, in the Crash B-Daman anime. It was released in Japan on July 20th, 2006, and sold for 945円.

Core B-Daman Block: Garuda 2[]

  • Power: 1

Garuda 2 features a redesigned helm, with a black coloration. The helm also has four small green trapezoid shapes, two on either side, along with two large red designs at the front giving the effect of eyes. It also has new shoulder guards, similar in design to the previous ones, but with new protrusions on them, additionally the shoulder armor now has extension that connects with the hold parts for added firing power, and a black coloration. Its defining feature is its Triple Roller Hold Parts, featuring a set of three rollers in a Delta-like formation, similar to the Delta Roller Core from the Battle B-Daman toyline.

Barrel Block: .67 Roller Barrel[]

  • Power: 1
  • Control: 1

Similar in length to the .67 Compact Barrel, the new .67 Roller Barrel features a pair of rollers to help smooth out fired shots.

Despite the purpose and description, the prongs that connect and touches the hold parts are made very similarly to Power type barrels. Which increases the power of the b-daman's shots.

Synchro Grip: Thunder[]

  • Gear: Power

Thunder is a Synchro Grip featuring a straight-style handle that extends to the rear, resembling a handgun's grip handle with a high-capacity magazine jutting out of it. Its sub-trigger features a wide pad to ease the firing of Synchro Weapons.

Despite the typing, all of Synchro Grip releases were given the same "Power" Gear ratio. Thus the only difference this grip has is the wide trigger pad for sub trigger.

Other Versions[]

  • Mach Garuda Clear Ver. - Semi-translucent color scheme. Exclusive to the Mach Garuda Super Rush Set.
  • Mach Garuda Silver Medal Ver. - All-silver re-color distributed as a 2nd place tournament award.
  • Mach Garuda Gold Medal Ver. - All-golden re-color distributed as a 1st place tournament award.

Crash B-Daman (anime)[]



  • Despite the intended typing, the toyline performs more closely to Rush/Power balance type. This is supported by the barrel part that squeezes the hold parts are made similarly to Power type barrels, the shoulder armor with prongs that extends to the hold parts which limits the expansion for hold parts while adding firepower, and the wide sub-trigger pad makes it perfect for two-handed shooting.
  • Mach Garuda has the second-highest number of rollers for firing B-Dama, with Super B-Daman's Valiant Wyvern having four, and Rev=Dravise having six (two on the front end of the Rev Core, two on the Hold Parts, and two more in the Safety Pack).
  • Mach refers to the Mach number, a dimensionless quantity in fluid mechanics representing the ratio of speed of an object moving through a fluid and the local speed of sound.