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Magnum Ifrit (Japanese: マグナムイフリート, Magunamu Ifurito) is a Power-Type 3 Block Gear System B-Daman, and the first owned by Hitto Tamaga in the Crash B-Daman anime. It was released in Japan on December 29th, 2005 at the start of the Crash B-Daman toyline, and sold for 840円.

Core B-Daman Block: Ifrit

  • Power: 3

The Ifrit B-Daman is red, with a silvery flip-down helm with flame details on it, along with two blocky shoulder guards, each with a gradient yellow/black sticker with a small black flame on it. On the head is a pair of green, robotic-looking eyes in a black background. In the B-Daman's Core are three white Hold Parts, one of which having a dark gray-colored Drive Strip, a long-standing gimmick for Power-Type B-Damans.

Grip Block: Trigger Grip A

  • Gear: Normal
  • Cover: Edge

Trigger Grip A is black and red with a gray trigger, which can be pulled to fire B-Dama from the B-Daman. On the red parts of the grip, is a round sticker with the same gradient color as the shoulder guard stickers, each with a spiraling black flame. On the bottom of the grip handle is a black sticker with hot rod-like flame designs.

Barrel Block: .67 Short Barrel

  • Power: 3
  • Control: 1

The .67 Shot Barrel is black with a silvery, breach-like design. On each side of the Barrel, is a sticker of a roaring ifrit in a gradient yellow/orange/red coloration.

Other Versions

  • Iron Ifrit Jube Custom - Crash B-Daman Limited Edition
  • Magnum Ifrit Blue Fire Ver. - Included with the B-1 Crash Cup Try Set
  • Crossfight B-Daman ver. - a scrapped remake of Magnum Ifrit using the Crossfight System. It also had it's own set of unique parts and molds including a side mount which resembles that of a Crash Weapon and the barrels in the Crash B-Daman system along with a grip that resembles the trigger grip from the Crash B-Daman system as well.


Crash B-Daman (anime)

Magnum Ifrit was first given to Hitto Tamaga from his father, Dr. Tamaga, in pieces in a box. Hitto puts the B-Daman together, then tries it out against a more experienced B-Der but was easily defeated. Hitto trains with Magnum Ifrit and defeats him.

Later on, Hitto awakens Ifrit's true power in episode 6 during a battle with a B-Daman Trapper, (DJ Baku). He then uses Magnum Ifrit's full potential throughout the first half of the series and during the B-1 Crash Cup.

During the Town Miners Arc, when Hitto attempts to battle Kodoh, he is trapped in an Ice barrier and slowly damages Magnum Ifrit when trying to break through the trap. After breaking through Kodoh's ice barrier, Hitto is then tasked to save one of the miners and his children from being pushed into the abyss by a huge stream of water. Hitto succeeds in saving them but, pays the price by having Magnum Ifrit shattered into pieces and falling into the darkness.






  • Magnum refers to a magnum round, which describes a firearm cartridge that holds more powder than a normal round, leading to higher muzzle velocity and stronger shots.
  • An ifrit is an enormous, winged, supernatural creature of fire from Arabic and Islamic mythology, and are in a class of infernal djinn noted for their strength and cunning. 
  • Magnum Ifrit is the first and only non generic Crash B-Daman to break in the anime.
  • In Chinese, Magnum Ifrit is referred to as "Blazing Dragon God".