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[[Category:Crash B-Daman]]
[[Category:Crash B-Daman]]
[[Category:Crash System]]
[[Category:Crash System]]

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Magnum Ifrit is Hitto Tamaga first B-Daman. It is a power type.

Magnum Ifrit
Magnum Ifrit
Owner: Hitto Tamaga
Production Number: 001
Type Power
Variants Justice Ifrit
Crash B-Daman Infobox (Test)


Magnum Ifrit is a crash system B-Daman with a red base. It has four several hooks for crash mode. It has an extended barrell both length wise and wide wise. It has shoulder pads that are silver with yellow designs, the shoulders that hook on to the mask . It has a green visor and several blue designs all over the it's body.

Crash B-Daman

Magnum was first given to Hitto Tamaga from his father Dr. Tamaga in pieces in a box. Hitto puts Magnum Ifrit together than tries it out against a more expierienced B-Da Player and is easily defeated. Hitto trains with Magnum Ifrit and defeats him.


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