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[[Category:Crash B-Daman]]
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[[Category:3 Block Gear System]]
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Magnum Ifrit (Japanese: マグナムイフリート, Magunamu Ifurito) is a Power-Type 3 Block Gear System B-Daman, and the first owned by Hitto Tamaga in the Crash B-Daman anime. It was released in Japan in December 2005 at the start of the Crash B-Daman toyline, and sold for 840円. 

Magnum Ifrit
Magnum Ifrit
Owner: Hitto Tamaga
Production Number: 001
Type Power
Variants Iron Ifrit Jube Custom
Crash B-Daman Infobox (Test)

B-Daman: Ifrit

The Ifrit B-Daman is red, with a silvery flip-down helm with flame details on it, along with two blocky shoulder guards, each with a gradient yellow/black sticker with a small black flame on it. On the head is a pair of green, robotic-looking eyes in a black background. In the B-Daman's core are three white Hold Parts, one of which having a dark gray-colored Drive Strip, a long-standing gimmick for Power-Type B-Daman.

Grip: Magnum

The Magnum Grip is black and red with a gray trigger, which can be pulled to fire B-Dama from the B-Daman. On the red parts of the grip, is a round sticker with the same gradient color as the shoulder guard stickers, each with a spiraling black flame. On the bottom of the grip handle is a black sticker with hot rod-like flame designs.

Barrel: Magnum

The short-length Magnum Barrel is black with a silvery, breach-like design. On each side of the Barrel, is a sticker of a roaring ifrit in a gradient yellow/orange/red coloration.

Other Versions


Crash B-Daman (anime)

Magnum Ifrit was first given to Hitto Tamaga from his father, Dr. Tamaga, in pieces in a box. Hitto puts the B-Daman together, then tries it out against a more experienced B-Der but was easily defeated. Hitto trains with Magnum Ifrit and defeats him.


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