Manual is a single appearance character in Battle B-Daman

Basic Information
Hair No Hair
Eyes Several Colors on his Visor

Mainly Red

Age Ageless
Occupation *Occupation
  • Agent of the Neo Shadow Alliance
  • B-Da Player Academy Trainer
B-Daman Custom
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Battle B-Daman

Manual is first seen training B-DaPlayers and sending their spirits to Marda B. He is challenged by Yamato and Assado to stop this. It is revealed by Armada that Manual is a very good B-DaPlayer and he hustles his opponents to defeat them. Being a robot, he has several overrides to adapt to his opponents making him virtually unbeatable. One of his abilities, called "Revenge Mode", involves him combining with other machines to increase his power. He is also able to copy the Strike Shots of anyone in his database. He is defeated by the two after they combine their techniques and overwhelm Manual. Manual reveals to be a regular training robot before he then apologizes for his actions after being set free from Marda B's mind control. He then gives them directions to someone who can defeat Marda B.


Battle B-Daman
Student B-Da Players Win Direct Hit Battle
Yamato Delgado and Assado Lose Direct Hit Battle



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