Marda B (True) is the real form of Marda B.

Marda B (True)
Real Marda B
Basic Information
Hair Purple (Fur)
Eyes Yellow
Age 100
Occupation B-Da Player
B-Daman None
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Appearance and Personality

Marda B is a hundred year old male feline. He has yellow eyes and purple fur. He is seen wearing a brown cloak at first but later seen in a white suit. Marda B is first known for craving power and to be the best B-Da Player in the universe. He later realizes that his actions were wrong and he has left a strong enough legacy.

Battle B-Daman

Marda B is first seen when his good half tells Yamato about his past and how he wanted to B-Da Battle for all eternity. He is also revealed that this is the reason he was split in two halves. Marda B is truly revealed, when his evil side is defeated and his good half combines with it. He then drags Yamato and the others into the dimension of B-Energies and congratulates them on their victory, he is not seen again afterwards.



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