Marda Biarce is the combined form of Marda B and Biarce.

Marda Biarce
Marda Biarce
Basic Information
Hair Blonde
Eyes Red
Age 100
Occupation Founder of the Neo Shadow Alliance
B-Daman Mega Diabros
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Appearance and Personality

Marda Biarce is the combination of both Marda B and his entity Biarce, thus Marda Biarce. Marda Biarce uses the body of Biarce and the personality of Marda B. Marda Biarce is blonde and has a Biarce's clothing recolored to red and white. Instead of a third eye, Marda Biarce has a target tattoo-like marking on his forehead.

Battle B-Daman

Marda Biarce first appeared when Enjyu's attempt to defeat Marda B failed. He then confronts Enjyu and defeats him before Marda B brainwashes him. He next appears when Marda B and Biarce begin the final battle against Yamato. Marda Biarce easily gets the upper hand against Yamato until Yamato is pulled away by Marda B's true entity. Afterwards Marda B must face Yamato, Grey, Terry, Wen, Li and Enjyu. Yamato, Grey and Wen all consecutively use their B-Energies to attack and overwhelm Marda Biarce. After Terry fails to defeat Marda B because he had already used his B-Energy, Marda B launches a counter-attack and knocks out everyone except Yamato from the match. But after Marda B's good half tells them how to create a new B-Energy, Yamato defeats Marda Biarce completing Marda B and destroying his evil half once and for all.


Battle B-Daman
Opponent Result Battle Type
Enjyu Win Direct Hit Battle
Yamato, Grey, Terry, Enjyu, Wen, and Li Lose Direct Hit Battle



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