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Master Kōryakuō SP II (Japanese: マスター攻略王 SP II, Masutaa Kōryakuō SP II) is a B-Daman in the Over Shell System. It was released in August 1997 in Japan, having sold for 580円. It is used by Master Kōryakuō in Super B-Daman.

Head Gear[]

This B-Daman's Head Gear is designed exactly like that used by Fighting Phoenix, but with a different set of stickers. On the top of the head are three golden stars, along with the JBA logo. In the visor is a gradient green sticker, and in lieu of Fighting Phoenix's red "eyebrow" stickers, are gradient blue ones, each with small, gradient orange parts to them. The sticker on its chin area is also a solid red coloration. It also has a removable red tab on the back, on which is a sticker of Master Kōryakuō's signature.

Side Arms[]

The Side Arms are white, with a red sticker around the wrist areas, in addition to small protrusions jutting from the shoulder area. On each shoulder is a gradient orange sticker.

Feet Part: Quick Loading 2[]

This Feet Part features the quick-loading gimmick seen in the previous Bomber System B-Daman toys. It is yellow with white stickers on the tibia areas, and blue ones on the feet themselves. This part also forms part of a "Double Loading System", and as the name suggests, it allows the user to load marbles from two different places; either from the underside of the B-Daman or from the back of the head. It also features a Load Stopper, a small yellow tab that can be positioned to allow the user to load from the bottom. If the Load Stopper is folded down, it acts as a third Hold Part to the System Core.

System Core[]

The System Core is simplistc at best, featuring two yellow Hold Parts that can be tightened for stronger shots. This also features a new Multi-Trigger 3, which is basically a Multi-Trigger 2 with a wider pad and a sticker of the JBA logo.

Arrow Wing []

This part, created from a design registered in the OS Parts Idea Contest hosted by CoroCoro Comic, consists of a yellow barrel with a red part at the end, and two foldable wings. They can be positioned to either tighten the Hold Parts, or act as a Focus Barrel. In additon, the red part at the business end of the barrel acts as a socket for barrel-type OS Parts.

Other Versions[]

  • Master Kōryakuō SP II Limited Black Ver. - Limited edition.

Super B-Daman[]





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