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Mega Diabros (Japanese: メガディアブロス, Megadiaburosu, Megadiablos) is a "DHB-Type" Blaster Core System B-Daman belonging to Biarce/Marda Biarce. It was released in Japan in October of 2004, and sold for 1890円. 

☀(Note: The statistics of this B-Daman are based on the game Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! GBA game)

Skeleton and Armor

Mega Diabros has a grayish-colored skeleton, not unlike Break Ogre's.

Head Armor and Visor: Mega Head

The Mega Head is a gray head with three red fins, two of which on the sides resembling devil wings, and a smaller central one on top of the head. Mega Head also features a green visor, along with two smaller green strips and red designs above it.

Shoulder Armor: Mega Shoulders

The Mega Shoulders are broad and gray, similar in design of Chrome Raven's Chrome Shoulders, but with reddish-colored designs, along with a pair of foldable red wings that only serve aesthetic purposes.

Wrist Armor: Mega Gauntlets

The Mega Gauntlets are of a red coloration, resembling evil versions of Cobalt Saber's Gun Shields.

Foot Armor: Mega Foot

The Mega Foot parts are of a gray coloration with red designs. They are compatible with the feet of standard Blaster Core skeletons, as well as the unique feet that are molded specifically for the Motor DHB Core.

DHB Parts

Mega Diabros comes with its own set of DHB parts for the Direct Hit Battle game.

Mega NEO Shield Sight 02

Mega Diabros comes with its own special version of the NEO Shield Sight 02, in a semi-translucent lavender color and a more intimidating design, though its purpose remains the same.

Mega NEO Attack Point 02

The Mega NEO Attack Point 02, though a bit different in appearance than the original, it has the same function.

Mega DHB Barrel 02

As with the other two DHB Parts, the Mega DHB Barrel 02 is differently designed than that of the original DHB Core. When the Mega NEO Attack Point 02 is struck, it flips down to prevent the user from firing any more marbles, and shutting off the Motor DHB Core.

Motor DHB Core

As the name suggests, this is a motorized version of the DHB Core, with a firing mechanism consisting of an extremely short trigger that, when pushed, opens a path that lets the B-Dama into a high-speed motorized flywheel that flicks it out through the barrel, firing it. Its power is average at best, but its firing rate can empty even the highest capacity magazine piece in a matter of seconds. It is powered by two AA-size batteries. The packaging advertised that shots fired from this Core are given a forward spin. The Motor DHB Core also features pegs on the sides to which a unique pair of feet are fitted.


Mega Diabros also has three modes for firing, depending on the type of magazine attached to the Motor DHB Core.

Power Mode

This mode can be attained, by not attaching a magazine to the Core.

Control Mode

This mode is achieved when the user attaches the standard DHB Magazine.

Rush Mode

When a high-capacity magazine piece, such as the Wide Server for instance, is attached to the Motor DHB Core, the B-Daman is changed into Rush Mode.


  • "Diablo" is Spanish for "devil", hinting at Mega Diabros' devil motif and the fact it could act on its own in the anime as if possessed by a demon.

Battle B-Daman

Mega Diabros is first seen defeating several B-DaPlayers at a time, working autonomously. It is used to defeat even Sly and Shegen without even using a fraction of its power. Mega Diabros was even the first B-Daman to completely overpower Cobalt Saber and defeat Yamato Delgado.

Other Versions

  • Megadiablos Delta Core Ver. - Limited edition. Comes with a Delta Core instead of the Motor DHB Core. Sold for 810円 in November 2004.






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