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Mega Grenade
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The Tactical Shot (Japanese: メガグレネード, Megagurenēdo) is a Synchro Weapon introduced in the Crash B-Daman toyline.


The Mega Grenade is a single-shot, top-loading synchro weapon that launches 0.98-caliber "grenades" instead of the standard B-Dama. Like all synchro weapons, it is designed to fire simultaneously with the B-Daman equipping it, via a mechanical connection between the weapon's trigger and the B-Daman's trigger grip. Unlike most top-loading weapons and B-Daman, grenades do not simply drop freely into the firing chamber but must be manually pushed through the port until they seat in the hold claws.

Grenades come in three varieties and all consist of a 0.98-inch-diameter plastic shell perforated with numerous round holes, with the contents of the shell varying with the type of grenade. The Mega Grenade was packaged with a black-shelled "Normal Bomb" containing a small glass marble inside its shell which adds weight and produces inertial effects on impact due to being loose within the grenade's shell. Included in the Crash Bullet Set Vol. 1 (.98) ammunition set are the white-shelled "Speed Bomb" containing no additional weight withing, and the red-shelled "Heavy Bomb" that replaced the internal glass marble with a metal ball of similar size but greater weight.


The Tactical Shot is compatible with any Crash B-Daman equipped with a SWS trigger grip, enabling synchronized shooting with the B-Daman. It is depicted on its package equipped by the Justice Ifrit, which matches its colour scheme. It is mainly meant to be a specialized Synchro Weapon for Justice Ifrit as the entire combo is a succeeding evolution to Magnum Ifrit and it's Grenade Shot set-up.