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Meteor Bomber Battle Set
Product Code CB-75
Price 4,725円
B-Daman Included W.B.M.A. Proto 01 (light-grey with red decals)
W.B.M.A. Proto 01 (light-grey with blue stickers)
Version-Up Parts Included None
No. of B-Dama 20
Release Dates
Japan March 16, 2013
English TBA

The Meteor Bomber Battle Set (Japanese: メテオボンバー対戦セット, Meteo Bonbā Taisen Setto) is the third Bomber Field released, following Break Bomber and DX Break Bomber 7 and the fifth Game Tool and Field released, overall. It was released on March 16, 2013 in Japan.


The Meteor Bomber Battle Set's contents consist of the following.

  • Meteor Bomber Field
    • Blue goal post
    • Red goal post
    • Blue Puck (Round 1)
    • Yellow Puck (Round 2)
    • Red Puck (Round 3)
  • W.B.M.A. Proto 01 (light-grey with red stickers)
  • W.B.M.A. Proto 01 (light-grey with blue stickers)
  • Twenty B-Damas (Official B-Daman Marbles)


Instead of the elongated, rectangular field that previous Bombers have used, Meteor Bomber offers a V-shaped one where both B-Der's Shooting Area are at the ends of the two paths. Once there, they will find "goals" at the opposite of their path, which pucks must be hit into to score a point.

The objective of the game is to hit two of the three pucks into your own goal. Once two pucks have been scored into your goal, a flag will spring off of the side, signifying your victory. After the first puck is scored, the mechanism will release a second puck through the gap above the goal. This will not happen when a second goal is scored, as only one extra puck is held.