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Meteor Dragon is a Rapid Fire-Type Cartridge System B-Daman owned by Li. It was released in 2005 in Japan.


Meteor Dragon is a Cartridge System B-Daman featuring a Magazine part like its predecessors before it, the Magazine is formed by 2 rail parts that can be attached behind the head (Rapid Fire mode) or under the grip into Stabilizers (Balance mode). This B-Daman comes along with a blue Cartridge, one regular glass marble, and a Metal Spike Shot just like Comet Dragon.

Catridge Armor:[]

Cartridge Helmet:[]

Cartridge Arms:[]

The arms are similar to Comet Dragon but in red. Barrel parts of Comet Dragon can be attached to this arm to add more power.

Cartridge Feet:[]

Cartridge Body: Drive Body[]

Just like every release of Catridge System, Meteor Dragon is also given Drive core, despite it's typing.

Catridge Trigger :[]

This b-daman comes with a special part that can be attached under the Trigger as attachment point for the magazine to form stabilizer mode.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! (anime)[]

This B-Daman first appears in Episode 37 together with Wen's new Comet Dragon. Despite it being a Cartridge System B-Daman, it didn't participate in many battles.