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—Misuru's catchphrase

Misuru Hachuka (Japanese: 蜂須賀ミツル Mitsuru Hachisuka) is a character appearing in B-Daman Fireblast. His B-Daman is the Precision-Type Slot Stinger.

With Pin Point Precision, Slot Stinger

Misuru Hachuka Launching his Emblem Charge "Raging Beehive Blaster"


Misuru is a young boy with light brown colored hair with green eyes. He wears a yellow shirt with blue (or violet) stripes with a green furred vest. He wears an orange belt, blue pants, blue stockings with yellow stripes and green shoes. There's also a blue headphone around his neck.


Misuru is a spoiled boy and he attempt to show his opponents (which he drag them into a Road Fight without their authorization) he's the strongest b-shot in south area. At first he can do anything to become stronger, even betraying his friends and takes his friend's b-daman. After he was defeated by Kamon, he realized that Kamon is the former South Area B-Master that's he admired and became his sidekick. His catchphrase is "Vroom! Vroom!"


Misuru is a b-shot that belong to the South Area of Crestland.

Misuru is also the boss of a little gang and Kamon's sidekick.


Misuru first appeared to be stalking new b-shots that seems to be strong, and Kamon end up to be his prey. Then, he challenged him to a road fight in order to make Kamon to be his underlings. First, Misuru was underestimated at Kamon's abilities but turn out Kamon's the one who win the fight. According to the Road Fight rules, "the b-shot whoever win the battle can gives orders to the b-shot who losses and that b-shot must obey it." Kamon tells him that he doesn't get knows anything about rules he only wants to become the Numbe B-shot leaving Misuru and his gang in shocked. Then his bee has find another b-shot for him, that Samuru Shigami, later Samuru was challenged by him and end up is Samuru easily defeating him and his Slot Stinger.

B-Daman Fireblast[]


  • In Japanese, Hachi from Hachisuka (蜂須賀) means honey and Mitsuru (ミツル) means fill.
  • He shares the same English voice actor with Tetsuya Kurodake from Future Card Buddyfight. Also, both Misuru and Tetsuya share similar colors.
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