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This article is for the manga version of Mitsuru Hachisuka. For the anime counterpart, see Misuru Hachuka".

Mitsuru Hachisuka (Japanese: 蜂須賀ミツル, Hachisuka Mitsuru) is a character appearing in the manga series, Cross Fight B-Daman by Makoto Mizobuchi. His B-Daman is Slot Stinger.

Buzz Buzz! You've got guts to even take your naps right here, dude!

—Mitsuru to Kamon (Chapter 16)


Mitsuru is a young boy with a lanky build. He wears a shirt reminiscent of a bee's body with its yellow color and blue stripes. He also wears a white fur-lined green sleeveless jacket over it, blue ankle-length pants, socks with the same color scheme as his shirt and blue shoes. Lastly, he accessorizes with a pair of blue headphones.


Mitsuru has a cheeky and confident personality. He is best characterized with his catchphrase "Buzz Buzz!" (Buun Buun!) in which he emulates the sound made by a bee which is his chosen motif and B-Daman type.



Mitsuru Hachisuka is the South Area B-Master which Kamon faces against the B-Master Tournament Finals.

Cross Fight B-Daman (Manga)[]

Mitsuru appears in Chapter 16 as the South Area B-Master. He was defeated and succeeded by Kamon Godai.


Mitsuru fought against Kamon in the finals of the South Area Tournament and was defeated.



  • His given name means "Honey" while his family name has the Japanese character for Bee (Bachi).
  • Unlike in the anime, this version of Mitsuru was the initial Southern B-Master instead of Kamon.