Mr. Rowbee is a single appearance character in Battle B-Daman.

Mr. Rowbee
Mr Rowbee
English Voice Actor Paul St Peter
Hair Gray
Eyes Unknown
Age 67
Occupation B-Daman Mechanic
Non Battle Character

Battle B-Daman

While Yamato and the Gang along with Wen Yong Fa and Li Yong Fa go to Lycan they stop by Mr. Rowbee's shop to tune up Bakuso and Rekuso. It also turns out Mr. Rowbee created Bakuso and Rekuso. Bull Borgnine asks to work with him and the two begin the tune up. Before Wen and Li battle the servants on Pandoro, Bull and Mr. Rowbee give Wen and Li their new B-Daman, King Bakuso and King Rekuso. Mr. Rowbee is seen saying goodbye when they all leave Lycan. Mr. Rowbee returns in Neon City when Marda B begins to take over the B-DaWorld.


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