Mr. Watt is a recurring character in Battle B-Daman.

Mr. Watt
Mister Watt
English Voice Actor Paul St. Peter
Hair Dark Blonde
Eyes Black
Age Middle Aged (30-40)
Occupation Power Company Owner
Non Battle Character

Appearance & Personality

Mr. Watt is a middle aged man with dark blonde hair and black eyes. He is a chubby man who wears a large suit that lights up because he is afraid of the dark. He claims that his fear of the dark is a family trait because his daughter Miss Karat also fears the dark. At first Mr. Watt comes off as a very snobby selfish man but it is revealed he is very giving and only wants the best for his daughter and will get it at any cost.

Battle B-Daman

Mr. Watt debuts when the IBA Winners Tournament heads to Neon City. He first appears as the owner of Neon City Electronics and the richest man in the B-Da World. When Miss Karat falls in love with Bull, Mr. Watt finds Bull's Brave side to be a perfect son in law and he has his workers design a device that would keep Bull in that form. Mr. Watt's plans are foiled when Yamato and the others break Bull out of the Watt Mansion. Mr. Watt apologizes and and makes friends with Yamato and Co. Mr. Watt is later seen when Marda B is taking over the B-Da World. Mr. Watt decides to hold up Neon City as the worlds last standing stronghold against the Neo Shadow Alliance.



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