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Nana Sendo (仙堂 ナナ, Sendō Nana) is a main character in Crash B-Daman.


Nana is a thirteen year old girl with light ginger hair which is tied into a strange pigtails with a long hair at the right side and short hair at the left side and purple eyes. Nana's basic attire is that of a school girl wearing something that would usually be uses in at a Japanese private school. She wears a puffy white blouse covered with a schoolgirl vest with a red ribbon. She also wears a blue skirt with white leggings. She has brown boots with white straps and her trademark hair beads and wrist compass.


Nana is a very kind girl especially to her cousin Hitto Tamaga. She is usally very enthusiastic about almost everything, especially when she strives to want to become a B-DaPlayer. Though she is very nice, she has a temper that can go off at any second along with no tolerance method for villains.


  • Her given name means Seven (ナナ).
  • Nana's family name Sendo means "magnificent shrine" (仙堂).


  • Nana is the only main character in Crash B-Daman who doesn't make any appearance in the manga, however, her role in the manga was replaced by a character named Mamoru Matoba, a childhood friend of Hitto who appears in the manga only.
  • Nana mainly uses Pink-colored Marbles. She was also seen throwing them down the stairs on the pursuing Elite Soldiers during their escape from the Saionji Konzern HQ.
  • In the independently-produced English dub for Cartoon Network Philippines, Nana was voiced by Chio Su Ping.