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Nautilus Poseidon (Japanese: ノーチラスポセイドン, Nōchirasu Poseidon) is a Rapid-Fire-Type Plug-In System B-Daman. It was released September 1998 in Japan for 780円. Three of these B-Damans are owned by Kaito MurakamiMarin, and Taiyō in the Super B-Daman manga.

PI Head[]

Nautilus Poseidon has a green PI Head with a radar on its black visor. Other details include two eyes on its crest with yellow sclerae and red irises; alongside a dark green horn. In addition is the number "12" present on its sides.

PI Arms[]

The B-Daman's arms are green, with pale green, yellow, white and gray designs. They do not have any switches for squeezing in the Hold Parts.

PI Foot[]

Nautilus Poseidon harbors green feet with pale green and white stickers.

PI Frame[]

The B-Daman has a dark green PI Frame with red Hold Parts, and two short spikes jutting rearward at the area where the Head is attached. 

Rotary Drive System[]

For a means of firing B-Dama, Nautilus Poseidon features a Rotary Drive System. It consists of a three-spoked rotor connected to and spun by a high-speed gear system operated by a pair of reciprocating Triggers. Each spoke on the rotor has a bit that provides a Drive Spin to any B-Dama it flicks out through the Hold Parts. For stronger shots, the user can press both Triggers simultaneously as if it were a single unit, though at the cost of a lowered firing rate.

Super B-Daman (manga)[]





  • Nautilus Poseidon was named after Poseidon, the Greek God of the Seas, and nautilus, the common name for pelagic marine mollusks of the Nautilidae cephalopod family.

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