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Neo Shadow Alliance

Core Members of the Neo Shadow Alliance

The Neo Shadow Alliance is a large team of the main antagonists from Battle B-Daman.


The Neo Shadow Alliance was created by Marda B after he disbanded the Shadow Alliance. The Neo Shadow Alliance was created by Marda B and led by Biarce to collect the spirits of B-DaPlayers. The Neo Shadow Alliance used great B-DaPlayers from around the world and hypnotized them with their magic, giving third eyes and having them collect (steal) B-Daman and turn players to stone.

Battle B-Daman[]

After the Long Horn Brothers were defeated and Ababa on the run from the B-Daman Police, Marda B disbanded the Shadow Alliance and announced the Neo Shadow Alliance. Marda B had Biarce recruited several extremely powerful B-DaPlayers including Cain McDonnell, Joshua and eventually Enjyu and Li (through Hypnotism). The first act of the Neo Shadow Alliance was in Luchatune where they hypnotized Castieo into Ike. Ike took over Luchatune and outlawed B-DaBattling and turned anybody who refused into stone. Next they hypnotized a schooling robot named Manual to take over the B-DaPlayer Academy and train students for the Neo Shadow Alliance and if they were not strong enough he took their spirit. To keep Marda B's past hidden, they hypnotized three of Pandoro's servants to keep him from telling Yamato and the gang. Marda B hypnotizes Fin Junior and has him lead soldiers out to sea to steal large shipments of B-Daman. Enjyu decides to join the Neo Shadow Alliance solely to defeat Marda B, Enjyu brings in Li Yong Fa who was instantly hypnotized by Marda B. Marda B then sets out his plan to conquer the B-DaWorld and easily takes over several cities with Cain's, Joshua's and especially Biarce's power. During the attack on Tsubakura City their plans were postponed when Terry McScotty defeats their Cyborg. Afterwards the Neo Shadow Alliance nearly conquers the entire world the only lasting stronghold is Neon City. They conquer Neon City after using a hyper beam from Marda B's harrier. Yamato, Gray, Terry and Wen infiltrate the harrier and defeat the core members of the Neo Shadow Alliance and eventually defeat Marda Biarce with the B-Energies, ending the Neo Shadow Alliance.

Notable Members[]

Marda B is the creator and the world renounced leader of the Neo Shadow Alliance.

Biarce is the entity of Marda B and the strongest B-DaPlayer in the Neo Shadow Alliance, partially due to the B-Daman he possesses.

Cain McDonnell is a very high ranking member of the Alliance and plans to recreate the world in his image.

Joshua is another high ranking member of the Alliance and actually only plans to free Cain of his darkness.

Enjyu only joined the alliance to defeat Marda B but was hypnotized after he was caught by Marda Biarce.

Li only joined the alliance to defeat Marda B but was hypnotized at Cain's suggestion.

Hypnotized B-DaPlayers[]

Hypnotized to take over Luchatune and outlaw B-DaPlaying.

Hypnotized to take over the B-DaPlayer Academy and train useful players or steal their spirits.

Hypnotized to keep Pandoro under watch and eventually get rid of him.

Hypnotized to take over the city of Wygene and oppose Sly and his resistance.

Hypnotized to stop shipments of B-Daman overseas.

Programmed to take over Tsubakura City.

Hypnotized after Cain suggested that Marda B did so as an extra precaution to dissolve the family bond between him and his brother.

Hypnotized after he was caught stealing Marda B's B-Energy by Biarce.

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