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News is a recurring villain in Battle B-Daman. He is also the brother of Salz and a co-leader of the Longhorn Gang.


Battle B-Daman

News is first introduced as a co-leader of the Longhorn Gang who are destroying a village and capturing the spirits of the villagers. News is responsible for destroying Wintune, Gray and Liena's hometown. He attacked Carlitoville but was nearly stopped by Bull Borgnine. News lost to Bull in their first match, then he revealed his third eye and unlocked his deeper powers with the help of his brother Salz. With this dark power he easily defeated Bull and destroyed his B-Daman "Helio Breaker". Gray challenges News and is next seen ransacking a shack of moving field mines.

One week passes and the Longhorn Gang storms Cowtune. Their first wave of bandits are easily defeated by Gray Michael Vincent and Terry McScotty, but then News stepped in and knocked out Terry with battle mines. Once Gray and Yamato receive Cobalt Saber and Chrome Raven, News has trouble holding them back even losing a round to Gray, forcing him to call Salz for help. News and Salz cheat by holding the captured villagers hostage, but after Yamato nearly defeats them, News suggests that they run away causing Marda B to appear. Marda B grants News and Salz even more power by turning them into monsters to capture Cobalt Saber. But with the help of Wen Yong Fa, Li Yong Fa, Berkhart, Sigma and even Enjyu they are defeated with a combined strike shot from them all (excluding Enjyu).


Battle B-Daman
Opponent Outcome Battle Type
Unknown Opponent Win (Controlled) Direct Hit Battle
Bull Borgnine Lose (Controlled) Direct Hit Battle
Bull Borgnine Win (Controlled) Direct Hit Battle
Gray Michael Vincent Lose (Controlled) Direct Hit Battle
Gray and Yamato (tag w/ Salz) Lose (Controlled) Direct Hit Battle
Yamato, Gray, Wen, Li, Berkhart & Sigma (tag w/ Salz) Lose (Controlled) Direct Hit Battle