The Over Shell System is the second system in Super B-Daman. It allows the placement of an external piece called an OS Gear, to make for increased parts usage. Six of the B-Daman toys in this system were later re-released in Battle B-Daman as the Limited series in December 2002. 

Power Shots

The pegs on the B-Daman's body to which the arm parts (referred to as the Side Arms) can attach, are connected to the firing mechanism in the B-Daman's core. To perform a power shot with an Over Shell System B-Daman, you can press in the Side Arms, to build up pressure in the core, and then fire the marble with pent-up firing strength.

Breakage issue with arm parts and frame

If the aforementioned "power shots" are used too many times, the peg holes on the arms will get pressure cracks, and you may end up damaging the arms, rendering them useless. This issue is solved in the Plug-In System, where you can secure the arms to the B-Daman using a screwdriver. The frame is brittle and if pulled or bent hard the frame will break rendering it useless 

List of known B-Daman in the Over Shell System

OS B-Daman appearing only in the anime

More to come

OS Parts

O.S. Parts are accessory pieces in the Over Shell System that you can add to B-Daman, for customization, the most basic of which being the OS Gear, the namesake of the Over Shell System.

List of O.S. Parts 

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