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The PI-EX System (Japanese: PI-EXシステム, PI - EX shisutemu) is the fourth system in Super B-Daman, began with the July 17th, 1999 release of Combat Phoenix in Japan. 


PI-EX is a shortening for "Plug-In EXTEND", being a redesigned/upgraded/etc. version of the previous Plug-In System. It features B-Daman that consist of these six parts:

EX Frame[]

The base part to which all other parts can be attached, acting as the internal skeleton. It also boasts backwards compatibility with the previous PI Trigger and PI Arm pieces.

EX Head[]

Attaches to the upper-most area of the front of the EX Frame. This time, there are no rear hatches, so the back of the head is open, removing the hassle of having to remove a hatch to attach a magazine piece.

EX Arm[]

As with the previous PI Arms, the new EX Arms can be attached and removed via screwdriver and have switches for pushing in the Hold Parts for increased power.   

EX Core[]

Attaching to the abdominal area of the EX Frame, the EX Core contains the Hold Parts and forms the business end of the firing mechanism.

EX Foot[]

Like with the PI Foot parts, they attach to the bottom of the Frame, but this time, they are attached and removed via screwdriver. They also now come in either one or two pieces.

EX Trigger[]

Attaching to the rear of the EX Frame's abdominal area, the removable EX Trigger completes the firing mechanism of the B-Daman. 

List of B-Daman in the PI-EX System[]

EX Parts[]

EX Parts are the accessory pieces in the PI-EX System, similar in format to the previous PI Parts.

List of EX Parts[]

  • P-64 EX Plate Magazine
  • P-65 EX Stay Barrel
  • P-66 Mega Cannon Wing
  • P-67 EX Core Round Claws
  • P-68 EX Roller Trigger
  • P-69 Giga Burst System
  • P-70 EX Plate Magazine Green Clear
  • P-71 Smash Trigger
  • P-72 EX Heavy Frame
  • P-73 Short-Stroke System
  • P-74 EX Stay Barrel Purple Clear
  • P-75 EX Burst Trigger
  • P-76 Gun Grip Trigger
  • P-77 EX Roller Trigger Smoke