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Burst Trigger
Product Code P-62
Type Trigger
Price 380円
Release Date(s)
Japan May 1999

The Burst Trigger (Japanese: バーストトリガー, Bāsuto Torigā) is a PI Part. It was released during Super B-Daman on May 1999 in Japan for 380円.


The Burst Trigger is a purple Trigger attachment that replaced the existing Trigger on Plug-In System B-Daman. It consisted of a very long Trigger, a Magazine connector and a short Stabilizer unit. Since the Trigger is longer than usual, force becomes an even greater important factor when one pushes the Trigger to obtain more power. The end of the Trigger benefits this due to its jagged protrusions and ascending curved design.

The Magazine connector of course allows compatibility with Magazines which a normal Trigger could not provide. The connecting piece consists of a bright pink octagonal ring in contrast to the rest of the Burst Trigger's purple. As for the Stabilizer, it resembles a short rectangular prism at the bottom supporting the B-Daman and its PI Part's weight.

The Burst Trigger also extends the chamber of the B-Daman to allow for firing double shots.